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Quiet... or you die!

—"Jake vs. Me-Mow"

But once I take out a princess, I gaduate [sic] to full membership.

Yes I know, but since you've blown my cover you will slay Wildberry Princess!

Blech! It's like warm garbage up in here!

Grrraaah! You liar!

Okay Jake, I've injected half the poison and you'll be dead in 30 minutes, unless you kill the princess, which is when I'll give you the antidote.

If you say anything I'll stab you in the brain!

(While sleeping) Gonna double-cross Jake... and leave him to die...

Time's running out Jake! Do you want the antidote or not?

Do it, Jake! Do iiiiit!

The name's Me-Mow!

Try it, oaf!

We'll see who's laughing... when you're blind!

What? This antidote? (Smashes vial)

Forget it kid. I gave Jake enough poison to kill a dog fifty times his size!

A magic dog?! Nooo!

You've ruined me! I have to wait a whole year to retake the assassin's test!

—"Jake vs. Me-Mow"