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Me-Mow's assassin gear consists of three objects, and they are used to take down her targets. Though they are also used to threaten or fight against her opponent.



Me-Mow coughing up the dagger.

Me-Mow's dagger is a short knife with a pointed end and edged blade. The color of it appears bronze or gold and there is a blue bulb at the hilt. She used this as a weapon when she went up against Finn. Given that there is no physical holding space for it, it's discovered that she carries the dagger internally and coughs it up when it is needed for use.

The knife doesn't appear to be very effective in fights with large opponents, due to its small size. When Me-Mow slashed at Finn's face, Finn only scoffed to tell her that the tiny scar only made him look cooler.



The poison Me-Mow uses is a green, bubbling liquid in a syringe. The bottle has a gold cat face on it, and the needle syringe is very similar to the ones that doctors use. The use of the syringe is painful for the recipient of the shot, as it inflicts a short, sharp pain upon the needle's insertion. The poison is powerful; half of it could have killed Jake within 30 minutes of injection if not for his magic powers. A full syringe of the poison could also kill a dog 50 times Jake's size, but not 51 times or more. The only known antidote for the poison is the red liquid in the tube that Me-Mow carries with her tail.

The antidote is a red liquid and the only known cure for her poison. However, the antidote is never actually used in the episode as Me-Mow destroyed the container when she was cornered by Finn. Therefore, the antidote is not confirmed to work. Unlike the regular poison antidote, this antidote seems to work by ingestion, as after Me-Mow destroyed the container, Finn told Jake to lick the tree where she broke it and the antidote spilled. Me-Mow carries the antidote in a simple blue-tinged tube sealed with a cork. Further information about the antidote is currently unknown.