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This article is about the Vampireworld version of Martin Mertens. You may be looking for the primary timeline version.
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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Martin Mertens is a character who appears in "The Star". He was part of Bonnibel Bubblegum's resistance team against the vampires and her ammunition expert, along with Huntress.


While not much is known of his past, it can be assumed it was similar to his primary timeline counterpart, though he is most noticeably much more noble and redeemable, being a much better person than his original counterpart, as well as expressing a liking for Baby Finn. He is also in better shape, being taller and slimmer compared to his original counterpart. When their tank is ambushed, he attempts to fend off The Star, saving Fionna's life, but ultimately losing his, having his soul sucked out and blood drained. Fionna wears his jacket in memory of him.


  • Martin doesn't seem to recognize Baby Finn, implying he was either also separated by Finn much like in Islands, or never actually had a son.
    • The latter is most likely. Given that vampires reign supreme in this universe, it would be likely that Two Bread Tom and his allies never made it to Founders' Island. As such, Martin never would have met Minerva and Finn would not have been born.
  • He wore a similar jacket to what his main universe counterpart used in "The Visitor", though with some differences. The most noticeable different are the emblems on the sleeves being white instead of yellow.