The Martian transporter is an object seen in the episode "Sons of Mars." It is a device given to Magic Man by Grob Gob Glob Grod 200 years before the episode "Sons of Mars" after Magic Man was banished to Earth for his crimes. It has the ability to send a person from Ooo (or Earth at least) to Mars. It is powered by the user's thoughts of a loved individual. This was demonstrated by how Finn thought of Jake before the transporter started working. Magic Man claimed it had not worked in over 200 years, but this was likely caused by the incident with Margles. Magic Man claims that once he has learned to love, he will be able to use the transporter to return to Mars.


The Martian transporter on Earth is a large metal object made of polygon shapes. The top of the transporter is flat and circular, attached to the top are two handles. On each of the sides of the transporter are two small light blue circles separated by a small line. The transporter on Mars is short and cylinder shaped, the top of the transporter on Mars is flat and attached to two handles like the transporter on Earth. The transporter on Mars is also smaller than the transporter on Earth.


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