The Martian city is a location first featured in the episode "Sons of Mars." It later appears in "Astral Plane" where it is under the threat of a large comet.


The city comprises two translucent, dome-shaped barriers. The greater dome contains most of the city's content and the smaller dome contains a hole that goes down into Mars' crust. The two domes are connected by a pipe which liquid flows through to the smaller one and down the hole.

The greater dome has a Martian transporter, which is how Finn enters the city. There are orange, vaguely tree-like structures scattered throughout as well as cylindrical buildings with domed roofs. There are also purple structures shaped like tall, arching pyramids and great, flat, orange structures with holes in them; A highway-like road stretches throughout. In the middle of the city is a transparent dome covering a circular stadium.

The stadium has three rows of seating around the inner perimeter and multiple arched entrances at floor level. In the center is Abe Lincoln's (the King of Mars) seat over a broad base. Carved into the base and on banners hanging around the top of the stadium is the astrological symbol for the planet Mars (originally the symbol for the Roman god Mars).[1]


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