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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Marshall Lee Abadeer (full name: Marshall Lee the Vampire King[2]) is the gender-swapped version of Marceline, created by the original series designer, Natasha Allegri. He makes his first appearance in the episode "Fionna and Cake."

Like Fionna and other gender-swapped characters, Marshall Lee is from Ice King's imagination, however, Marceline was telling his story in the episode "Bad Little Boy." His first and only major role was in "Bad Little Boy," where he attempted to make Fionna confess her romantic attraction to him in many ways.

In the spin-off sequel series Fionna & Cake, it was revealed that many characters from the original series, including and especially the ones from the Fionna and Cake episodes are real in an alternate reality secretly created by Prismo but they were turned into non-magical and human versions of themselves. Therefore, he was turned into a human (offscreen) during the events of "Come Along With Me", when Ice King became a human again (Simon), the world in his mind was also affected, with its magic removed.

In this version of Fionna-world he is a musician (not as well-known as he would like) with a real estate agent mother, who even rents both his apartment and that of his friend Fionna.  He is seen fascinated by Gary Prince's (human version of Prince Gumball) cookies, which led him to start a date with him later. Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball have their romantic relationship, and he is currently Prince Gumball's boyfriend.


Marshall Lee is implied to have many, if not all, of the same abilities as his female counterpart. In "Bad Little Boy", he mentions "drinking the red from your heart in one sitting," and drains the pink from Prince Gumball's cream puffs, indicating that he chooses to drink red instead of human blood in much the same way Marceline does. He can also sing, although he also occasionally raps, and is shown to play a guitar.[3] Like his female counterpart, he can shape-shift into a giant bat and presumably other animals. He is shown to be able to raise the dead, re-animating several skeletons and forcing one to beat-box for him. Marshall also possesses Marceline's healing factor, as indicated by a scene in the same episode when he rapidly recovers from a sunburn. He is apparently resistant to low temperatures, as indicated in "Sugary Shorts".

After GOLB digests Simon and strips Fionna-world of its magic, Marshall Lee loses all of his supernatural powers, though he retains his musical talent. Curiously, he occasionally still moves and gesticulates as if he is floating.


Marshall Lee is about a head taller than Fionna, and a little shorter than Prince Gumball and Flame Prince. He has messy black hair, and two sharp canine teeth like Marceline's. Like Marceline, he has a permanent bite mark on his neck, and pointed ears. Marshall Lee commonly wears a buttoned, grey striped red plaid, dark blue jeans with turn-ups, and brownish-red and white sneakers. His sneakers seem to be Converse. Like Marceline, his physical appearance is that of a typical late teenager or a young adult.

In his human version, he is still a young adult, but he has the appearance of an African-American human; his hair is in locs, and his skin is dark brown. There is a beauty mark on his neck. He is first shown wearing a red jacket, a white shirt, blue jeans, and red skate shoes. He carries a black guitar case with various punk stickers on it.

In "The Winter King", Marshall can be seen half-naked, wearing only a towel. He is somewhat stocky and has some marked muscles on his abdomen, as well as some hair on his legs. He is later seen wearing jeans and a sleeveless white shirt with some holes, later putting on a black jacket and brown boots.

In "The Star", he wears a black evening dress.


Marshall Lee describes himself as a villain, fitting the part as he is rowdy, and endangers others with his violent, "friendly" rough-housing. He appears to have an interest in music like Marceline, as he's shown to rap and carry around and play an electric guitar, opposed to Marceline's bass guitar. He greeted Fionna with the sign of the horns, a very popular hand sign amongst heavy metal and rock fans. He also displays Marceline's love to mess with people with elaborate jokes. His behavior towards Fionna mirrors that of Marceline towards Finn in "Evicted!," taking Cake away from Fionna for fun (and in Marshall's case at least, for her attention). However, he seems to feel remorse more quickly than her. This also might suggest that Marceline wishes she could express remorse better; she rarely apologizes to anyone. Since Marceline is telling the story at this point, this might suggest the way she thinks of herself; as a villain, although Marshall Lee is arguably the more evil of the two. Marshall seems to be more violent than Marceline, saying that he "kills people every night," although this may be an exaggeration.


S5e11 Fionna and Marshall Lee


Marshall Lee and Fionna are shown to be very good friends. It is unknown whether Marshall Lee has romantic feelings for Fionna, despite both of their ages being vastly different, although, in "Bad Little Boy," he says to her, "Why don't you just admit it? You're in love with me." Fionna also states that he flirts with her constantly. He also called her 'baby' in his song "Good Little Girl." Marshall Lee is first seen briefly in the episode "Fionna and Cake," when he notices Fionna entering Prince Gumball's party and flashes her the sign of the horns, sticking his tongue out.

Similar to Finn and Marceline's relationship, Marshall Lee likes to mess with Fionna's head. In "Bad Little Boy" (the second episode featuring Ice King's fan-fictions), he zooms into her house and steals the pastries Prince Gumball had brought for Fionna, leading her outside to investigate a noise that is probably him landing on her roof. When Fionna finds him on the roof playing his guitar, he looks up and smoothly says, "Oh. Hey, Fionna." Fionna responds by smiling and says his name in a gleeful way. He asks her to go to Lumpy Space Prince's Party, but she is uncertain at first of whether she should go, presumably because she has Prince Gumball over for company and would have to ditch him to go. Marshall transforms to bat form and reaches out his hand for hers, saying he knows she will give in. She smiles reluctantly and takes his hand before being flown into the forest. There at the party, he is seen doing obnoxious things and teasing her, all the while trying to convince her that he is evil. He even goes as far to fake a fatal injury and tell her to admit her love for him. While doing this, Fionna yells out and tells him that in his last moments he should be serious. She mentions that he likes to flirt with her and seems to think it is funny. When he sees her emotional and crying and reveals that he was only faking, Fionna angrily punches him, then chases him while he protests and proceeds to hit him again off-screen, laughing maniacally.

As seen in the Fionna and Cake comics[]

The interactions between Marshall and Fionna are friendlier and less flirtatious than they were in Marceline's telling. He enlists her help when Boys' Night with Gumball goes awry. When he claims to be too beautiful to fight the monsters, Fionna calls him a "beautiful... idiot." He isn't particularly helpful while they navigate the candy dungeon, mostly floating around in the periphery and commentating while Fionna fights the skeletons. When Gumball gives Fionna a magic, wish-granting sword, she wishes the three of them to have matching "Boys' Night" tee shirts with their faces.

In Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake[]

FNC S01E01 1029

Fionna and Marshall are also portrayed as friends in Fionna-world. They hang out regularly at the park and at her apartment, where Marshall occasionally stays (presumably because he is homeless.) Their relationship in this instance is more sibling-like; Marshall often teases her and offers her advice. After finding out that she was fired, he refuses to negotiate with his mother about Fionna's rent, but he offers to have Ellis help her with Cake. Similar to his portrayal in the comics, Marshall isn't much help in a crisis; after Cake goes missing, Fionna finds him and Ellis day-drinking in the park. He tells her that the idea of Cake disappearing into a portal "sounds nuts" before passing out in the fountain. When Gary expresses concern about Fionna's sudden disappearance, Marshall assuages him by saying that it's something she does regularly.

After she returns, she was happy to see that he was now dating Gary. He was skeptical about her stories of their universe, until he witnesses Cake talk and use her powers. He then became fascinated when she informed him of how he was originally a vampire and by her travels.


S5e11 Marshall with Cake

Marshall likes to tease Cake in much the same way Marceline does with Jake. Unlike Jake, however, Cake doesn't appear to be afraid of vampires. In "Bad Little Boy," she joins Marshall and Fionna onstage, adding her own verses to their song. She tries to break away from Marshall Lee when he kidnaps her and flies to the cemetery, which culminates in Marshall supposedly being impaled with a spear. When Marshall Lee appears to be hurt, Cake uses her body to shield him from the rising sun, indicating that she's already forgiven him. Her concern for his safety is genuine, and she is visibly distraught when she believes that he is gravely injured.

Similar to his portrayal in the comics, Marshall isn't much help in a crisis; after Cake goes missing, Fionna finds him and Ellis day-drinking in the park. He tells her that the idea of Cake disappearing into a portal "sounds nuts" before passing out in the fountain. When Gary expresses concern about Fionna's sudden disappearance, Marshall assuages him by saying that it's something she does regularly.

After Fionna returns and reveals the truth of their world, Cake reveals her powers and ability to talk, shocking him. She and Fionna told him and Gary about their travels. When he and Gary were worried about if they'd still be together, Cake tries to comfort them but ends up causing further grief by telling them there is a world where their counterparts were trying to kill each other.

Prince Gumball[]

Since all appearances of Gumball and Marshall lee have been stories told by different people (or alternate universes) it is unclear if the portrayal is supposed to be consistent or if it simply varies with each author. For instance, Gunter portrays them as friends, whereas they treat each other passive-aggressively in Marceline's telling.

As seen in "Five Short Tables"[]

S07E35 Gumball's regret

Marshall being one of Gumball's insecurities

In "Fionna and Cake" Marshall does seem to be invited to the Biennial Gumball Ball. In "Five Short Tables", it was revealed when Butterscotch Butler prying on Gumball's insecurities that his biggest regret involved Marshall Lee.

As seen in "Bad Little Boy"[]

Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball are shown to be about on the same terms as Princess Bubblegum and Marceline in "Bad Little Boy." Prince Gumball called Marshall Lee "impolite company" and went back inside when Fionna chose to talk to Marshall Lee instead of him.

As seen in the Fionna and Cake comics[]

Lee and Gumball are depicted as close friends and are stated to spend time with each other on a regular basis, often together with Fionna. Fionna thinks they are "cute pals" and in one scene she and Cake mistakenly assume that they are about to confess being a couple.

As seen in Gumball's Masquerade[]

Marshal and Gumball

It is revealed in this chapter that the two are currently friends, but their relationship is complicated due to Marshall Lee's tendency to pull pranks on Prince Gumball. Prince Gumball invites Marshall Lee to his masquerade "out of politeness" despite declaring the day before that he doesn't want to see him again, and also makes up excuses to Butterscotch Butler for why they shouldn't turn Marshall Lee away at the door now that he's been invited.

This chapter also implies that the two have unfulfilled romantic feelings for each other, as Marshall Lee accuses Prince Gumball of "messing with his head" by inviting him to a party he didn't want him to attend. The two also share a somber moment in which they wonder if they're still friends despite their differences, and after their hands accidentally touch, it appears that the two are about to confess something before being interrupted by Butterscotch Butler, who misinterprets the two being alone as Marshall Lee attempting to feed off of Prince Gumball due to her paranoia toward Marshall Lee.

In Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake[]

F&C S1E5 Gary Marshall

Despite being the same people as their previous Adventure Time counterparts, it is revealed through Marshall Lee that the two have not yet met each other in the revised universe, as he did not know about Gary/Prince Gumball's bakery. It is possible that they knew each other before Simon became human again, and simply lost their memories twelve years ago in much the same way Fionna had forgotten about all of her magical adventures with Cake.

They officially meet in the episode "The Winter King" when Gary (human version of Prince Gumball) sees Marshall Lee (human version of Marshall Lee) in Fionna's apartment. When Marshall Lee realizes that Gary is the one who made the bag of biscuit men, he decides to go with Gary to help out with his shopping for ingredients. Marshall Lee also secretly asks his mother to set up a meeting with the Lemoncarbs (human gender-swapped versions of the Lemongrabs) to try to help Gary achieve his dreams of opening up his own bakery, but this backfires when the Lemoncarbs reveal that while the pastries taste nice, they hate their faces. Gary tells Marshall Lee that it's good they came when they did because he would have fiddled with the recipe forever.

F&C S1E7 Gumlee Kiss

Marshall Lee and Gary kiss in the elevator at Ms. Abadeer's Blood Drive and Charity Ball

They appear together again in "The Star," where Gary accompanies Marshall at Ms. Abadeer's Blood Drive and Charity Ball. It is revealed that attending the ball and rejoining the family business was a condition of the favor Marshall asked of his mother in the previous episode. Marshall seems apprehensive about the event, but Gary tries to be supportive. Meanwhile, Marshall tries to conceal his discomfort and encourages Gary to mingle with investors. Gary reacts with dismay when he realizes that Marshall sacrificed his own freedom and happiness on his behalf, and decides to stand up to Ms. Abadeer. Marshall warns him that opposing his mother could cost Gary his career, to which Gary replies, "You deserve better than anything that creep could do for me." He then takes Marshall's hand and the run to the elevator, where they share a kiss before it closes.

After Fionna returns, she finds the pair are now dating and congratulates them. The two would hear her tales of her travels in the multiverse and the impending threats, they were skeptical until seeing Cake use her powers. They were amazed to hear what their old lives were like but worried what if they'd still be together once the world change back to its original state. The two also became horrified to hear there is a world where their counterparts were enemies who were trying to kill each other.

The two later helped Fionna and Cake hold off the invading Scarab, who was soon defeated after a long struggle. Once their world was allowed to exist in its current state, it can be presumed the two stayed together and were seen hanging out with Fionna and Cake.

Lumpy Space Prince[]

S07E35 Maybe that was the wrong potion

Marshall Lee's friendship with LSP is very similar to the one shared by their female counterparts, with the only difference being that Marshall and LSP appear to be slightly closer friends. In "Five Short Tables", he is surprisingly caring with LSP; he puts on an elaborate charade to trick a sick LSP into taking a spoonful of cough syrup. In Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, they appear to be reasonably close friends, drinking at the park together and couch-surfing at Fionna's house.

Hana Abadeer[]

F&C S1E7 Hana Marshall

Marshall currently has a very strained relationship with his mother. In "Fionna Campbell", Marshall flatly refuses to talk to his mother, even if it is to help his friend Fionna. However, he was able to ask her for a favor in exchange for him returning to her in exchange for Gary being able to finance her bakery. Upon returning home, she appears happy to see him but continues to be controlling and also degrades him in front of all the guests. Finally, after talking to Gary, Marshall abandons his mother despite her protests. Marshall ends up protesting against his mother to get lower rents.

Episode Appearances[]

Major Appearances[]

Minor Appearances[]


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  • Marshall Lee has many similarities to Marceline, meaning the Ice King must know her well. However, in "Bad Little Boy," Marceline told the story.
    • While rapping to Fionna in the song, "Good Little Girl," Marshall Lee says that he's from the Nightosphere. He later says that he is a child of a demon (also like Marceline) and is the vampire king.
    • Their giant bat forms are very similar, with the only difference being that Marshall Lee's has more hair.
    • Both characters have a strained relationship with their surviving parent, who wish them to be more involved with the family business.
    • His guitar is made from an axe like Marceline's. Unlike her's, however, it is a six-string guitar with an asymmetrical blade. Marceline's axe-bass is a 4-string bass guitar, and is double-sided.
    • Marshall Lee has a romantic connection to Gary Prince, similar to the relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum.
    • Marceline and Marshall are both friends with their world's version of LSP.
  • It is unknown if he is friends with the Ice Queen, like Marceline being with Simon Petrikov/Ice King during the Mushroom War.
  • Rebecca Sugar said that she wanted Marshall Lee to have a few lines in "Fionna and Cake," but they were cut due to time limitations. She wanted him to be voiced by Dante Basco.[4]
  • An alternate character sheet depicts him with green skin, but it was only used in one scene with special lighting conditions.[5]
    • In "Bad Little Boy," his skin is shown to appear green in the rising sunlight, and so do his teeth.
  • When Marshall Lee does the "Sign of the Horns" at Fionna, he has five fingers instead of the usual four.
  • His hairstyle is different in "Bad Little Boy" from "Fionna and Cake." It appears down rather than up; however, this could be because he was first seen in the rain, which could have caused his hair to get wet and fall down.
    • It could also parallel how Marceline's hairstyle isn't consistent.
  • Unlike Marceline and Princess Bubblegum's relationship, which Marceline is the only person to call her by her first name, Marshall Lee doesn't tend to use Prince Gumball's name. When he wants to address him, he simply calls him a sarcastic "your majesty" or a wad.
  • It is unclear whether Marshall Lee's guitar in "Bad Little Boy" is a ukelele, or if it simply sounds like a ukelele because it isn't plugged into an amp during the episode.
  • He first appeared in the comics in Issue #23.
  • In Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake, the stickers on his guitar case have names on them that resemble real punk bands: for instance, "X-Ray Pex," is likely a reference to the punk band X-Ray Spex.
  • As a human, Marshall Lee drives a black van with a bat on the grill and a Hambo-like keychain hanging from the rear-view mirror.
  • Marshall Lee's human form bears a striking resemblance to his voice actor, Donald Glover.

Appearances in other media[]

  • Marshall Lee appears in Adventure Time Battle Party as an alternate outfit for Marceline.
  • In the game These Lumps, he is the first boss.
  • In the mobile game Card Wars, he is an unlockable character in the Fionna and Cake adventure DLC.


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