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This article is about a character from an alternate timeline. You may be looking for her main universe counterpart.
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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

The Star is an alternate version of Marceline Abadeer from a timeline where she and the Vampire King had conquered Ooo. Unlike her counterpart in the main universe, this version of her is truly evil and loyal to the Vampire King's inner circle.


In her dimension, this version of Marceline never had Simon Petrikov to raise her under his wing due to the fact he was killed by vampires, not having the crown to protect him. She was instead taken by the Vampire King, who raised and trained her into his loyal ward. Marceline had later become a vampire some time before being feared by the citizens of Ooo, and was dubbed "The Star".

During "Casper & Nova", Cake casually mentions to Marshall Lee of how in her and Fionna's multiversal travel that his counterpart was trying to kill Gary's counterpart. This revelation shocked him.


Having been raised by the Vampire King, Marceline had become evil and chaotic showing no remorse to others and killing for fun. In contrast to her main counterpart, this version of Marceline doesn't do things for fun or helping others. She instead terrorizes and kills citizens, actually sucking their blood rather than shades of red, and killing her own minions if she notices that they are questioning her, although Marceline shows a great respect to her adoptive father, The Vampire King and remorse to killing the ones who she loves, even if The Vampire King commands her to.

Despite this, she has a fondness for Bonnibel, as seen when she flirts and toys with her so much rather then just killing her. She even shows this "soft spot" when she killed her minions when they questioned her about why she lets her live instead of just killing her already. There may have been some level of attachment that The Star had with Bonnie if the former offered that the latter could join her in the Vampire King's army.


Vampire King[]

F&C S1E7 Vampire King 1

The Star apparently has a somewhat attached relationship with the Vampire King. She is happy when talking to him and seems to recognize him as her father, always calling him "dad", probably implying that she does not have a good relationship with her biological father (an alternative version of Hunson Abadeer), just like Marceline from the main timeline.

Bonnibel Bubblegum[]

F&C S1E7 Enemies to Lovers 2

The Star and Bonnibel are shown to have a complicated relationship. Bonnie appears to be the only person other than her adoptive father whom she avoids killing. The way they act towards each other implies a long-standing relationship of rivalry that the two have, but a rivalry more based on provocation than on the need to make her another one of her victims. Although unconfirmed, it is possible that there is some kind of love in the past between the two, as much of this is an parallel to the romantic relationship of the main universe and Fionna-world versions of the two. The way The Star talked about Bonnie's eye patch could also indicate that she had one of her eyes removed in the past. She also mentioned the Vampire King seemed to acknowledge how powerful Bonnie is and that The Star and her minions shouldn't underestimate her. Despite this, she continues to toy and mess with Bonnie whenever she had the chance.

There may have been some level of attachment between them, as The Star offered that Bonnie could join her in the Vampire King's army.

Martin Mertens[]

He was Marceline's victim. He tried to protect Fionna, only for The Star to absorb his soul and drain him dry of his blood.


The Star targeted Fionna as her next victim because she "looked tasty" before being rescued by Cake.



  • Her title of "The Star" is a reference to the Tarot card of the same name.
    • This mirrors the naming conventions of the vampires from the Vampire King's inner circle in the Stakes miniseries, as each one shared their name with a Tarot card.
    • The Star card can represent new hopes and revelations, but inverted can mean loss and despair, much like the situations of both Ooo and Marceline changing drastically due to the absence of Simon.
  • The Star demonstrates the abilities of The Fool and (seemingly) The Hierophant, but it is unclear if she absorbed the souls of the rest of the Vampire King's inner circle.