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Marceline's house is one of the many places owned by Marceline in Adventure Time. The house is pink with a brown roof and features a white fence around it with a large deck, a basketball net, and three cupolas. It is one of few structures in the Land of Ooo to resemble a typical, suburban home. It is located in a dark cave, originally appearing in "Evicted!" as a potential home for Finn and Jake until Marceline decided to permanently reclaim it, and returned their Tree Fort.

The house is first seen in "It Came from the Nightosphere". Marceline is shown to have a small white zombie poodle named Schwabl living in her house. There seems to be a doggy door in her kitchen for him. Her couch is rather uncomfortable, but Marceline usually just ignores using it because she can just float. Nearby, she has candles mounted on the wall above it to the left and right. There are no light switches in the living room, but many lights. There is a ladder on the wall next to Marceline's amps for her Axe bass which leads to her bedroom, connected to her bathroom. Marceline's room made its first and only appearance in "Marceline's Closet." She has a recording studio in her room. She recorded a song, saying that no one must ever hear it (except that Finn & Jake heard it) which makes sense that it was secret because she was singing an entry from her journal.

Marceline spends most of her leisure time practicing her bass guitar; she has even recorded music with Finn, using his portable recording device. The house also appears in "Go With Me," when Finn and Jake follow Marceline home so that Finn can get her to go to the movies. It appears again in "Heat Signature" when Finn and Jake go there to watch Heat Signature with Marceline and her ghost friends, Wendy, Georgy, and Booboo.

In "Simon & Marcy," Finn, Jake, Marceline and Ice King are seen playing basketball with the basketball net outside her house.

In "Come Along With Me," Beth and Shermy are shown to be the new residents of Marceline's house in the far future. It is unknown what happened to its former residents.

In the Adventure Time: Distant Lands special "Obsidian" taking place a few years after the end of the series, Princess Bubblegum is also seen living in the house with Marceline and many of the furniture and decor has changed, clearly coming from Bubblegum. There are also new pictures seen of her and Marceline up on the walls.


The picture in Marceline's living room
  • There is a picture in Marceline's living room that appears to depict Mary and Jesus, albeit with blue skin.
    • A Lutheran banner can also be seen by her closet in the bedroom.
  • Marceline's couch is hard and uncomfortable as seen in "Heat Signature"; although, in "Go With Me," it appears soft when Marceline throws Finn on it, and neither one expressed any discomfort while sitting on it. This is most likely a continuity error.
  • Marceline has a zombie poodle named Schwabl, as seen in "It Came from the Nightosphere". It walked out of the room when Finn started beatboxing.
  • In the episode "What Was Missing," the furniture in Marceline's kitchen is white instead of red; possibly she sucked the red out of them as she does most things.
  • In Legends of Ooo, Marceline has an undead gardener, which explains the plants that still survive there.


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