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"Marceline's Closet" is the twenty-first episode in the third season of Adventure Time. It's the seventy-third episode overall.


Finn and Jake play Cloud Hunt in Marceline's house, but they get trapped in her closet after she comes home.


Finn and Jake head over to Marceline's house to jam with her. Finn intends to play a balloon believing they are the instruments of the future and plays The Extremities Song to prove it. They find a note on Marceline's door saying she went out and that she will be back and to not go into her house. While they wait, Finn and Jake decide to play Cloud Hunt. As Finn counts, Jake hides in Marceline's house despite being told not to. When Finn looks for Jake, he spots him through the window and tries tell him to get out. But Jake mocks him by copying his movements. Finn even tried going up close to him, but Jake continues copying him.

At this point Marceline comes back and Finn and Jake are forced to retreat into the closet in her room to avoid being seen. Marceline sniffs a stench and goes up to her room, she starts to sniff to find out where the stench is coming from and then she wants to urinate so she goes to the bathroom, Finn and Jake decide to take advantage of the moment to escape but the closet door creaks when Finn opens it and Marceline hears the noise, she leaves the bathroom without having washed her hands and starts looking to see if anyone is there, Marceline starts sniffing to find out where the stench is coming from, Finn and Jake think she will find them and they panic but then Marceline sniffs her armpit and believes that she is what stinks, Marceline calls Finn and Jake and the answering machine is activated in which the two can be heard pretending to be someone else and Finn and Jake laugh when they hear the answering machine, Marceline leaves a message and hangs up , then she picks her nose which disgusts the boys and she takes out a booger which she throws and gives to Jake.

Finn decides to write a note saying there is an emergency at the Tree Fort so Marceline will leave and they can get away. Finn plans for the note to go down stairs, make and eat eggs, then land on Marceline's front porch. The note does everything Finn plans for it to do except instead of landing on the front porch it returns upstairs and lands in Marceline's trash can. Marceline decides Finn and Jake are not coming and begins to play her own personal music that no one else should hear (see Journal Song). As she plays, Jake says that what they have done is far too much and then he states he will find a way out. He smashes a small hole through the wall with a spoon, shrinks and tries to escape, but a white spider chases him out of the hole. Finn and Jake panic but are able to quietly push the Spider outside of the closet. The Spider then pushes a lamp off of Marceline's table, shattering it. As Finn and Jake are observing it, Marceline hisses as she draws her attention to the closet. She opens it, only to reveal she is getting a broom and dust pan, while Finn and Jake are hiding in an overcoat. As Marceline puts the broom away, dust falls on her so she decides to go take a bath. Jake coaxes Finn to check out the situation. Finn crawls into the bathroom and finds Marceline naked which makes him blush and embarrassed so he crawls back into the closet, refusing to go back out.

Marceline then goes to bed and Finn and Jake try to leave by quietly moving toward the exit. On their way out, the Spider falls at Finn's forehead and Finn quickly flicks it onto Jake's shoulder. The spider bites Jake, but Jake does not scream out loud. However, he does show that he is in pain. As they reach the exit, the two begin to argue about whether or not Marceline is awake and can hear them. Jake states that they are "quietly screaming" and Marceline reveals she can hear them. Finn and Jake try to hide, but to no avail. Jake changes shape to look like Finn, and Finn wears a lampshade on his head. Marceline demands an explanation, and Finn and Jake explain what happened and apologize. Marceline accepts their apology and states that she hides at their house all the time. The episode ends at the Tree Fort, with Finn and Jake paranoid that Marceline is there. Just before the credits, it is revealed that Marceline is really at their house messing with them.


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  • The note on Marceline's door reads, "Hey guys, I had to run out, but I'll be back in a few minutes. I had to run out to buy some ketchup. Is it possible to be allergic to tomatoes? My sleep patterns are always super weird when I eat tomatoes. Do you ever have those lucid dreams? Anyhow, DON'T GO INTO MY HOUSE."
  • At the end, when Marceline tells Finn and Jake to explain themselves, Finn says they were playing "Hide and Seek," but at the beginning, they called it Cloud Hunt.
  • Finn seems to count incorrectly when counting to 10 in Cloud Hunt. He counted: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4."
  • There seems to be a green worm in Marceline's ceiling.
  • The bearskin rug under Marceline's bed has three heads and various arms.
  • Everything in Marceline's fridge is red (as she likes to eat shades of red), except for the eggs.
  • There is a frog with ruby eyes on top of one of Marceline's speakers.
  • On the top of a box in Marceline's refrigerator is written "EXP 8/18/12," meaning the product expires August 18, 2012. This is background artist Santino Lascano's wedding date.[1]
  • Two of the record jackets on Marceline's wall beside her closet door have Morse Code messages on them. The message on the green cover is: --/.-/.-./.-./-.--/--/. When translated, this message means "MARRYME". The message on the yellow cover is: -../.../-- . This could mean "DSM", though this may be an incorrect translation, as the code is a little hard to make out.
  • Summer Camp Island has an episode similar to "Marceline's Closet" called "Susie Appreciation Day."

Episode connections[]

  • Right before Finn and Jake play Cloud Hunt, Jake was meditating and said he was "eliminating the desire from my heart" in the foreground. This could be a reference to the original animated short of Adventure Time.
  • It is shown in this episode and in "Memory of a Memory" that Marceline has a tendency to pick her nose.
  • Marceline reveals that she hides out in Finn and Jake's treehouse all the time, which is proven true, since we have seen her hiding in the treehouse in "Go With Me."
  • At the very beginning, Finn asks Jake if they should be jamming without Princess Bubblegum and BMO, a reference to "What Was Missing."
  • This is the second time Finn misspells a word ("emergency" as "amergency" when writing the fake note for Marceline), the first one being in "The Pods" when Finn misspelled "allergies" as "allerjies" when writing the baby pigs' test. If this and the facts that in this episode he apparently was not able to count correctly and in "The New Frontier" he thought Banana Man would burn up if he walked towards the sun besides that he was insane for building his house on the sun (to which Jake replied that is not how the sun works) are considered, then Finn's statement in "The Real You," "I'm full of stupid," seems to be true.
  • In the episode "Mortal Recoil," Finn said that it was pervy to peek inside Princess Bubblegum's bathroom, but in this episode, Finn went inside Marceline's bathroom anyway, but he was not paying attention to where he was looking, so it was most likely an accident.
  • Marceline's journal has "GUNTER" written on it, which is what Simon calls Marceline near the end of "Simon & Marcy."
    • It can also be said that this journal was given to Marceline by Simon after the events of "Simon & Marcy," where at the end he sank further into the crown's deep control, calling her "Gunter."

Cultural references[]

  • On the wall by Marceline's bed, there are a musical albums resembling "Abbey Road" by The Beatles and The Cure's famous "Boys Don't Cry" Robert Smith photo.
  • Marceline has three mounted trophies above her closet door, the center one being a head that greatly resembles the head of the "Pale Man" from Guillermo del Toro's 2006 fantasy film, Pan's Labyrinth. Beside the head is a severed arm with a single eye at the center of the palm, which could also be a reference to the Pale Man.
  • There seems to be a picture of two religious characters on her room, just above the stairs. There is also one in the living room.
  • On her wall, there are also what appear to be angel wings, a tiara and wing bones.
  • There is a painting of what appears to be the Grim Reaper above Marceline's bed.
  • The mirror in the title card does not reflect Marceline's image, alluding to the common characteristic of vampires not having reflections because they have no soul.
  • Finn and Jake hiding in a closet to avoid Marceline's detection and becoming unwitting observers to her more private moments bears some resemblance to a scene in David Lynch's 1986 film Blue Velvet in which the protagonist finds himself in a similar situation (including convenient louvered closet doors).

Production notes[]

  • This is the last Adventure Time episode to air in 2011.


  • When Finn sees Jake in the window, the balloon floats away even though it was filled with carbon dioxide, not with helium.
  • The vinyls and the broken guitar neck were not there on the wall when Finn and Jake first entered Marceline's room.
  • A tape that was on the floor, near Marceline's TV disappears and later reappears.
  • Before the paper airplane enters the kitchen the doors of the fridge can be seen to open from left to right, but when it opens the doors they did from right to left.
  • When Marceline says no one can ever hear what she was gonna record, her fangs look like normal teeth.
  • There were no boxes in the right corner of Marceline's closet; when Jake starts to dig a hole on the wall using a spoon a box appears, when Jake reaches out to grab a lid and uses it to get rid of the spider there are three boxes, later only one can be seen, then there are no boxes in sight. Also, what appears to be a coin on the floor disappears.
  • The eggs in Marceline's fridge change color.
  • Marceline's journal's appearance switches between a Western style book, with the binding on the left to right and the Eastern style of binding right to left.
  • Marceline's lamp changes from green, to red, and then back to green over the course of the episode.
  • There are multiple continuity errors with regard to Marceline's journal.
  • When Marceline finds Finn and Jake in her house and accepts their apology, her bite mark is not visible.
  • While Finn is talking about the paper airplane, the background changes from dark, to bright and back to dark.
  • In some scenes, Jake was seen having toes while both him and Finn are stuck in Marceline's closet.




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