The Marauder Village was where the Marauders lived. It is the main setting of the episode "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain" and is shown briefly again in "It Came from the Nightosphere." It was surrounded by a lake and Mountains, including one known as Mountain Man. The village contained a variety of animal-themed houses; many houses had mouths with teeth for doors or windows. Another characteristic of many of the houses was fur or feathers as decoration, and almost all of them had eyes on them. Some of the houses looked just like a giant head with a door at the bottom. The only other notable feature of the village was the Squid Bartender at its centerpiece, a large tree. Some blimps were seen in the area around the Marauder Village. In "Burning Low," it is apparent the village has since been destroyed, with Finn salvaging its wood to build a home for Flame Princess. The Marauders' current location is unknown.




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