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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Mama Said" from season 7, which aired on November 5, 2015.

This transcript is incomplete.


[The episode begins with King of Ooo showing Finn and Jake a surveillance video (while they sit on tiny stools) of a flying mushroom shot in the Candy Kingdom]
King Of Ooo: [Pointing to screen] There. Right there. See?
Finn: [Squinting] Uhhh...Yeah. It's a small thing?
Jake: [Moves uncomfortably] Hey, do you have bigger chairs?
King Of Ooo: [Glares] Stools.
Jake: Huh?
King Of Ooo: [Walking toward Jake] They're stools; not chairs.
Jake: Well can I have a bigger stool, then?
King Of Ooo: Jake, stop interrupting!
Jake: Sorry.
King Of Ooo: Enhance!
Banana Guards: [Push Finn and Jake while on the stools much closer to the TV]
Finn and Jake: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, whoa!
Jake: Looks like a mushroom. Someone throwing mushrooms?
King Of Ooo: Yes, very good, it is a mushroom! Or a toadstool. That's why you're sitting on stools.
Finn and Jake: [simultaneously] Oh.
King Of Ooo: See, you guys gotta trust me on this one, okay? I picked those stools for a reason. Trust my process! You can get up now.
Finn and Jake: [get up and crack their backs]
Jake: My legs.
King Of Ooo: No, nobody's throwing mushrooms. [moves closer to the TV] I believe they're flying on their own. That's where you two come in.
[Finn, Jake, King Of Ooo, and two Banana Guards walk toward where the flying mushroom was shown]
King Of Ooo: Okay, the flying mushroom came from that direction, [points in direction flying mushroom came from] so I want you two to head that way until you find one. A big one. and I want you to capture it, and bring it back.
Jake: Why?
King Of Ooo: Huh?
Jake: Why?
King Of Ooo: [leans toward Finn and Jake] Trust my process.
Jake: Okay, but why, though?
Finn: Yeah, we're curious.
King Of Ooo: I wanna ride it around instead of walking. I think people will respect me more. [Dirt Beer Guy walks by in background] Hey. Hey, you, what's your name?
Dirt Beer Guy: I'm Dirt Beer Guy.
King Of Ooo: What would you think if you saw me on a giant flying mushroom? Dirt Beer Guy
King Of Ooo: See? Don't fail on this one, boys. [threateningly] Don't you dare fail me.
Finn: [Walking through forest with Jake] Actually, I'm kinda glad we're walking in this direction. We never walk in this direction.
Jake: [Stops walking, faces Finn] Hey, how long do you think capturin' a flyin' mushroom takes?
Finn: [Removing backpack] Well we gotta find one first. [Reaches in pack for something]
Jake: Yeah, that too. How long?
Finn: [Takes out water bottle, drains about a quarter of it, wipes mouth] Mm. An hour to capture, aaand, if we don't find him by dinner, we'll tell KOO to send out a Banana Guard patrol.
Jake: Tell who?
Finn: KOO.
Jake: ...King Of Ooo?
Finn: Yeah.
Finn and Jake: [Laugh, continue to walk]
Finn: Did you notice he was wearing Princess Bubblegum's clothes?
Jake: Yeah, that was sorta cool. But you know, PB just left her kingdom to 'im. And all her stuff, so what's that about?
Finn: Hmm.
Jake: [Sniffs, stops, nose and mouth stretch out forward and sniffs for something, turns around] I smell mushrooms.
Finn and Jake: [Run up a hill dotted with mushrooms]
Finn: Yeah, good job, Jake.
Jake: Check it out. [points to a relatively large mushroom] Big enough for KOO's tiny heiny!
Finn: Yeah, the only thing, though, is it's not flying.
Jake: Mmm, yeah... [Finn and Jake look around for a bit]
Finn: I guess we could just sit here... and wait for it to fly?