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"Mama Said" is the fourth episode in the seventh season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred and third episode overall.


The loyalty of Finn and Jake comes into question when the King of Ooo orders them to intercept a flying mushroom.


In the castle, the King of Ooo seats Finn and Jake in front of a TV screen and has them view surveillance footage of what he believes to be a flying mushroom. He then asks them to go in the direction which the mushroom was captured flying to, so that they can capture him a giant flying mushroom. Finn and Jake ask the King of Ooo why he wants the mushroom so bad, and he replies that he wants to ride it around instead of walking so his citizens will respect him more. Dirt Beer Guy passes by and is asked by the King of Ooo about how he would react to seeing him ride a mushroom, to which he simply replies that it would "really be something."

Finn and Jake walk through the forest attempting to locate the mushroom. Jake smells mushrooms and locates a field of mushrooms, but none of them are capable of flight. Suddenly, they overhear a voice singing and decide to follow it. Right after they leave, the mushroom Finn had been sitting on starts levitating.

Finn and Jake follow the voice to find Canyon performing a ritual, and they decide to sneak away so as not to disturb her. Canyon overhears them and greets them, later explaining that she was actually using a dowsing rod to find her family's lost sacred spring. They decide to abandon the mushroom mission and help Canyon find the spring, as Jake has always wanted to take a sip from a sacred spring and learn how to use a dowsing rod. After they leave, the levitating mushroom begins to absorb the heads of surrounding mushrooms, forming a Giant Floating Mushroom.

The King of Ooo calls Finn and Jake to check on their progress. Canyon makes a fake giant mushroom out of a sack of leaves and bobs it up and down to fool the King of Ooo into thinking that they have found one. Finn feels some reluctance to disobeying royal orders, but Jake assures him that the King of Ooo will simply forget about the mushroom. The real Giant Floating Mushroom arrives, having caught sight of the fake mushroom, and attacks Finn, Jake, and Canyon with energy beams which create smaller mushrooms. They run and hide in a log, where they intend to wait until the mushroom leaves. Jake tries to check if the mushroom is gone and is nearly hit by one of its blasts. Finn goes out to try and reason with the mushroom, but it instead sprouts out a series of eyes and responds simply by reciting various facts about mushrooms, then destroys the log.

Finn, Jake, and Canyon unsuccessfully try to attack the mushroom. Suddenly, Canyon's dousing rod begins to shake, as it has detected the sacred spring. She punches a hole into the ground from which the spring bursts out and bends the stream of water, using it to slice the giant mushroom, which separates into various smaller mushrooms. Canyon, Finn, and Jake remark that they had a fun time and managed to complete their missions, but Finn remembers that their actual mission was to take the mushroom to the King of Ooo.

That night, Finn and Jake instead present the King of Ooo with a mushroom pizza in place of the Giant Floating Mushroom. He is unimpressed and fires them from his royal guard for defying his orders. After sending them away, the King of Ooo tries to sit on the pizza and get it to fly. He has a Banana Guard push him to send him flying, but he instead falls down the stairs.

An awkward banana guard then proceeds to sing Mama Said (song).


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  • Finn has returned from his absence since "Bonnie and Neddy."
  • The Giant Floating Mushroom shares a striking resemblance to the shape of a typical UFO.

Cultural references

  • The scene of the giant mushroom sprouting his eyes is inspired by a similar scene of the 2005 film "War of the Worlds".
  • The song that the Banana Guards were singing after knocking King of Ooo out was "Mama Said" by The Shirelles.

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  • This episode leaked online before its intended airdate.

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This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.



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