The Mama Jiggler makes her debut in "The Jiggler." She is seen in a pool of pink juice, nurturing her young. One of her children ran away from home and met up with Finn and Jake. She and her offspring live by Stanley the watermelon's house. By the time they returned her missing child, he was entirely drained of his pink juice. This made her unable to recognize him due to him not having the juice scent. She then acted ferociously against the young Jiggler to protect her other children. The problem was solved when Finn threw the Jiggler back into the pool. Shortly after the Jiggler rejuvenated and got his smell back, Mama Jiggler caught the familiar scent and hugged her beloved young.

She uses the hole they found her in as the nest where she pours her juice to "supply" her offspring. When she feels threatened, she rapidly flashes different colors while shooting spikes out all over her body and screeching in a high, fierce voice. She communicates to her babies by whistling, something that all Jigglers can do. She is very protective of her offspring.


The Mama Jiggler looks exactly like a Jiggler with the exception that she is significantly larger and the gray on her is a little darker. She is about four times as tall as Finn.


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