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Malus/Talug is a character seen on another page of a book that Simon was reading for his research on GOLB.


This character has a very unique and detailed design. They have a rooster for a head, a shirtless-muscular-human body, a shield in one hand and a whip in the other, a Greek warrior dress around his waist, a sheet draped over one of his shoulders, snakes bodies for legs, and dog heads for feat.


  • Because Simon was reading a book about GOLB, it is assumed that he is a Cosmic Being.
  • His body is surrounded by the letters: a, x, h, and s, the s having a period at the end of it.
  • Below him is a snake in the shape of the infinity symbol. Each loop appears to have what looks like portals.
  • Between the being and the snake is a tiny black triangle, and below it is another letter x.
  • At the very bottom of his page is a dark, cloudy sky with an arm coming out of a portal. This, along with what appears to be portals within the snake's loops, indicates that he may have the ability to create and travel through portals.
  • None of the paragraphs that surround his drawing are eligible, due to their perspective.
  • They're outfit indicates that these characters first became relevant during the Greek ages.
  • He greatly resembles deity found in Gnostic texts called Abraxas.
  • It's unclear whether his name is Talug, or Malus.
  • Some fans theorized that Malus/Talus is am Prismo's Boss.