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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Malloy - a character presented in the 5th issue of the spin-off comic "Adventure Time: Season 11". He became the leader of a new settlement of humans on the West Coast continent, after the Gum War. Thanks to Minerva Bot, he ensured complete isolation of Humantown on the West Coast, erecting walls with a force field around and installing cannons on the walls in order to protect the inhabitants from predators and monsters.


It was first presented at a diplomatic meeting with the three rulers of the Candy Realms (Princess Bubblegum, Lemongrab and Lolly), Finn and Jake. He announced that he wants other peoples of the Land of OOO to "leave the Humantown alone". He developed a plan to return human society to a primitive system, gradually abandoning sophisticated technology and innovations, switching to completely organic food grown from seeds and building houses of wood and brick.

By prohibiting contact with other peoples, Malloy allowed only Finn to enter the city of People, calling this place his (Finn) second home. He counted Finn as an honored citizen (provided that he never lived in the city of the People).

After the attack, the “monster” claimed that the force field should have blinked for a moment and that he was about to sound the alarm when Finn rushed into a fight with the “bug”. He pretended that he was worried about Finn after defeating the monster and ordered Minerva Bot to double-check his defense.

Later that day, Finn and Jake realized that the monster was not real, but only a robot and suspected that something was amiss. As it turned out later, it was Malloy who was responsible for using the robot, and he issued a number of racist laws prohibiting mutants and nonhumans from entering Human-City, in order to convince Finn to stay and protect humans, because he did not know the political condition of the lands OOO, nor about their customs, the disappointed and deceived Finn began to treat him as a simple person and after that left Manograd to build a new house in the forest.


He looks like a middle-aged man with a short brown beard. He is tall and broad-shouldered, with dark skin and a hat with a fox face. He wears a dark blue business suit, a striped shirt and black shoes. He is above Minerva Bot, Princess Bubblegum, but below Lemongrab.

In the sixth issue, he turned out to be a cowardly, stupid and short-sighted ruler.