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Maja's house is a location that appears in "Sky Witch." It is the home of Maja and her Crabbit Familiar. Its walls are lined with suits of armor, mounted heads of various creatures, and portraits of unknown people. The peeling wallpaper, cobwebs, and structural damage suggest that Maja has not bothered to clean it in a long time. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline track Maja's Crabbit Familiar to the house in search of Marceline's teddy bear, Hambo.


The house can only be accessed by jumping through a portal which is disguised as a pond. All of the walls of the living room have a door which leads to another room; even the base of the chandelier leads to a room. The junk room is full of boxes and other objects. Her house also has a cauldron room where she concocts potions.


  • The fact that her house is floating in the sky could be the reason Maja is called a sky witch.
  • The junk room contains a portrait of a mutated Shoko. It also contains a scale model of a Ford car.