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Magwood is an ancient lava dog that appears in "Evergreen." It possessed three ruby eyes that were essential for the creation of Urgence Evergreen's magical crown. Despite initially being subdued by the wizard, it later went on to defeat Evergreen during his attempt to stop the comet from destroying the world, causing Evergreen's plan to fail.


When first approached by Evergreen, the lava dog is small when passive, resembling a puppy. However, when threatened, Magwood begins to ooze magma from its body while becoming much larger and brighter. After its first fight with Evergreen, the dog's body becomes dark gray stone.


Magwood is a powerful creature that is difficult to defeat even by the likes of Evergreen. The lava dog is able to increase in size when in danger. It is also capable of producing large quantities of lava from its body and using them offensively. Magwood's lava is hot enough to overcome Evergreen's ice magic. Even without lava powers, Magwood is still a formidable foe. The dog possesses great physical strength as it was able to significantly damage Evergreen's tower despite appearing to be in a weakened state.


  • Although Magwood closely resembles an elephant in appearance, the episode's storyboards refer to it as a lava dog.
    • Neither dogs nor elephants (and most likely no placental mammal) existed in the Cretaceous.
  • Magwood's second form closely resembles that of Tree Trunks.


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