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This article is about the magic wand from "The Wand." You may be looking for The magic wands in "The Pods."

The magic wand is an odd-looking wand that appears in the webisode "The Wand." Jake discovers it when he notices he is sitting on something uncomfortable while looking at clouds. He has fun with it for a while, but things start to get ugly when the wand goes out of his control. Jake and Finn distract it by taunting it, and just as a monstrous purple face (resembling Flame King's face) starts to emerge, Ice King jumps on top of the wand, causing it to explode. Afterward, Ice King's face takes on a bird-like appearance, which was most likely caused by the wand when it exploded.


The magic wand makes sounds of farts and fireworks as it releases all kinds of crazy colorful shapes. The wand itself looks like a wand with an orange head that resembles Pac-Man but with rounded teeth. It has two blue gems on either side that are diamond shaped. Most of the time it is seen it is releasing confetti of some sort which quickly disappears.