This article is about the magic wands in "The Pods." You may be looking for the magic wand from "The Wand."

The magic wands are magical items introduced in "The Pods." They emerged from the second thorny pod that grew from the magic beans. The wands have different colored stars at the top and release glitter and rainbows when waved. The Baby Pigs used them to attack Mushroom Village. Jake was hit by one of the blasts, and as a result of the glitter, found himself unable to stop dancing. The magic wands also have the ability to vaporize objects, as seen when one of the piglets vaporized the roof of one of the mushroom houses in the Mushroom Village.

The magic wands appear again in "Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!" as an available weapon for the player along with the baby pigs.


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