Maggee is a moody teenager who replaced herself with a clone and ran away from her family. She appears in the Adventure Time comic issues "71", "72", and "73". Technically, the Maggee seen for the majority of the 4-part comic special "Double Trouble" is the original Maggee's clone. However, because they are doubles (essentially identical), I will just be referring to both as Maggee.


The "original" Maggee, is a very typical moody teenager. She is seen making sarcastic remarks and laughing in the background. Her "first copy", is similar but a little more cheery in comparison. She is very compassionate, but hides this for most of the comic. This is because she doesn't want anybody to know she is a double.


She has poofy brown hair, wears a black eyemask, and wears a navy blue cloak. She can sometimes be seen with the hood up; in this case, her face is hidden in the shadows.

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