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MO Co. is a dilapidated, pre-war factory located in the Bad Lands. It was founded by Moe over a thousand years ago, likely before the Mushroom War. This facility first appears in "Be More" where it is revealed that the facility was the source of all the MOs in the Land of Ooo.


The factory is located in the deserts of the Bad Lands and, on the surface, consists of several refinery-like cylindrical buildings. Many of them have pipes and antennas protruding from their surfaces.

Underneath the desert, the facility mainly consists of extensive tunnel systems and rooms containing old equipment that was once used to produce MOs. In the deepest area of the facility, Moe lives with his creations in a tubular city, an area that is cleaner and better maintained than the rest of the facility.


Despite having the appearance of an abandoned factory, MO Co. still maintains various services that were likely established before the war. However, they are only available to MOs and include services such as maintenance, memory wipes, and facility tours. Most of these are provided by DMO near the entrance of the facility.

In addition to the basic services provided for MOs, the facility has a fully operational security system that is run by the SMOs. Non-MO personnel are prohibited from entering MO Co. and security breaches are dealt with using lethal force. Moe refers to DMOs and SMOs as "surface jerks", which means that they are less friendly than normal MOs.

Although MO Co. was a production facility before the war, it is now the home of Moe and his creations. Moe acts as the leader of the underground MO settlement and is greatly loved by his creations. A wide variety of MOs are seen here, such as QMOs, LMOs, OMOs and ♥MOs. The general populace seems to spend much of their time on leisurely activities such as jump roping or gambling.

The main method of transportation around the upper levels of MO Co. is through the use of Ultra Trams. They are fixed rail carts that can be operated by MOs. The rails at several points twist round each other and loop in odd ways, for unknown reasons.


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