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This article is about the defense system based off Magic Man's wife. You may be looking for Margles.

M.A.R.G.L.E.S. (Magical Automated Resistance Generating Laser Energy Supplier) is a being that was created by Magic Man out of magic and science. She was created to stand at the top of Olympus Mons and protect Mars from the second coming of GOLB. Her design is based off of Magic Man's late wife Margles, who was taken by GOLB.


In the episode "You Forgot Your Floaties", Magic Man and Betty preform a ritual using Grob Gob Glob Grod's helmet. This ritual transports the two into a flashback, where Betty disguises herself as M.A.R.G.L.E.S..

M.A.R.G.L.E.S. is first seen encased in a crystal being awoken by Magic Man, who introduces himself and his brother Grob Gob Glob Grod. Glob pulled Magic Man aside and admitted he felt M.A.R.G.L.E.S. was a way for Magic Man to cope with Margles' death. Magic Man reassures Glob that she was created to defend Mars from GOLB, but Glob remarked that he worried that Magic Man's feelings for his late wife may have compromised his spell-programing.

The scene switches to the two making their way up the mountain, where M.A.R.G.L.E.S. asks why Magic Man didn't "magic" them to the top. Magic Man admits that he wanted to know more about her because he created her in a "deep-trance state". M.A.R.G.L.E.S. replied by informing him that everything she was was in him, so he'd better know himself. Magic Man then teleported him to the top, but then immediately inside that they go back down, which confused M.A.R.G.L.E.S.. Magic Man then began to relay how much he missed his wife and how the feelings he kept inside about her passing became stronger over hundreds of years, which allowed him to create her. She then began her transformation, much to the distress of Magic Man, who begged for her to turn back. She then screamed that she came from his nightmares, causing and the scene then cut to her falling off of the mountain.


In her neutral form, M.A.R.G.L.E.S. appears to look like exactly like Margles, who is a female Martian. In her defensive from, she appears to have many different green snakes that distend from her torso in place of her legs. Her purple shirt becomes a torn-up two-piece that covers her hips and chest, but exposes her midsection. On the top of her head, there is golden crown-like object with two horns on either side and a flaming torch in the middle. She also possesses a pair of white wings and tentacle-like appendages on both sides of her head.


All I am is in you, so know yourself Magic Man.

—"You Forgot Your Floaties"

I came from... YOUR NIGHTMARES!

—"You Forgot Your Floaties"



  • The words in the acronym M.A.R.G.L.E.S. where most likely thought of after her creation, as Magic Man admits he wanted to name her Margles.
  • It was stated twice that M.A.R.G.L.E.S. was created from Magic Man's nightmares. It is never specified whether this is meant to imply that her creation was inspired by Magic Man's nightmares or if she was quite literally a manifestation of his nightmares.
  • M.A.R.G.L.E.S.' battle-form design may have been inspired by the deity known as Baphomet. Some similarities include the positioning of their hands and the wings on the back of both their bodies.
  • When the defense system mode is activated, her pose heavily resembles that of Éliphas Lévi's vision of Baphomet as the "Sabbatic goat". This may be symbolic because of the fact that she was created from nightmares and created to fend off a malevolent being.

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