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The Lyre Player (also known as Minstrel) is a character in Adventure Time who appears in the episodes "Rainy Day Daydream" and "Blood Under the Skin." He lives in Finn's imagination land, where he welcomes Finn with a silly song and a dance. Finn finds him annoying, so Finn imagines a penguin that trips him and a plate of spaghetti for his face to fall into.

He returns as Sir Slicer's minstrel in "Blood Under the Skin," playing and singing the song "Finn the Blushing Baby." According to Sir Slicer, grandparents will sing that song to their grandchildren for generations to come, despite Finn's disapproval.

The Lyre Player has a cameo appearance in "Blade of Grass," where he can be briefly seen at a market amongst several townspeople.


The Lyre Player is humanoid with sky blue skin and short blonde hair. He wears an orange lute suit with red padding, and an orange hat with a red visor and ribbon coming off the back. This outfit is similar to the one Finn wore in "Go With Me."


  • In the episode "Blood Under the Skin," the Lyre Player is listed in the ending credits as "Minstrel" instead.
    • Minstrel would be a more accurate name since the Lyre Player is not shown playing a lyre. He appears to be playing a type of lute, perhaps a bowl-back mandolin, a mandore due to the curved neck, or even a pandura due to it only having three strings.
  • In the episode "Go With Me," Jake gave Finn almost the same outfit that was worn by the Lyre Player, dubbing it a "Lute suit."
  • According to Andy Ristaino's Spring, the Lyre Player in Finn's imagination and "Blood Under the Skin" are the same person. The voices were different because Steve Little was still trying to find the right voice for the character.[1]
  • Pen Ward stated that Finn knew of him before "Rainy Day Daydream" and he was in his imagination as a memory.[citation needed]