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Lumpy Space Princess (possibly known as Lumpy Space Queen and often referred to by her initials, LSP) is the queen of Lumpy Space. She is one of the three most recurring princesses, the other two being Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum. Finn and Jake have traveled to Lumpy Space as well as to her parents' residence after she accidentally bit Jake in "Trouble in Lumpy Space". According to the events in "Princess Day," she is not recognized by the chair of princesses, partially because of her dramatic attitude and the fact that she is no longer the heir to Lumpy Space.

Since the episode "To Cut a Woman's Hair," Lumpy Space Princess lived on her own in the woods of Ooo. According to her story in "The Monster," she lived among wolves, was banished, and began terrorizing a small village in order to eat their crops. She had returned to Lumpy Space, but as of "Princess Monster Wife," she decided to go back to living on her own in the woods as a hobo, presumably going back home every now and again to visit her parents.

At the end of "Come Along With Me," she is crowned queen of Lumpy Space.


Lumpy Space Princess looks like a purple cloud and speaks in a somewhat deep, nasal voice, like most Lumpy Space People. She has sharp teeth as well as a yellow star on her forehead that glows while she is floating. There appears to be short hair on her body, which she claims to be more of her "lumps." When she punches herself (saying she can be "smooth"), she looks like a ball with arms. She is not seen wearing a crown, like most other princesses; however, the star on her head probably represents royalty, given that the only other Lumpy Space People with that characteristic are her parents. The star on her head is actually a jewel that goes very deep into her, as shown in the episode "The Lich." When using all the jewels collected to open the Enchiridion book, Lumpy Space Princess' star jewel just bounced off and was the only jewel not able to be used in the process.

Costumes and disguises[]

Although Lumpy Space Princess does not usually wear clothes, like most Lumpy Space People, she sometimes will. Her clothing usually appears to be dresses.

  • In "His Hero," when she becomes "hot," she wears a red leotard and a pair of red high heels. She has grown short purple hair and legs and part of her limbs were thicker than usual. Though later she became a Cyborg.
  • In "The Eyes," she wears a yellowish-white Quinceañera dress with blue trimmings, blue ribbons at the sleeves, a blue gem in front, and a golden crown.
  • In "The Creeps," she wears a sparkling red dress with her left hand sleeveless, and a triangle-shaped mask.
  • In "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II," she wears a Christmas sweater with bells and hearts design.
  • In "Gotcha!," she wears Squeez-E-Mart plastic bag as a spaghetti-strap dress. She had also put custard on as her lipstick, though later she ate it. At the end of the episode, she wears a brown paper bag as a v-neck dress. In the title card for this episode, she is pictured wearing a sparkly silver-blue evening dress with a slit.
  • In "Apple Wedding," she wears a white wedding gown with pink ribbons at the sleeves and in front, a veil, and holds a bouquet of flowers.
  • In "Be Sweet," she is shown wearing Tree Trunks' nightdress.
  • Although never shown actually wearing the clothes, in "Summer Showers," Viola does LSP's laundry which includes a green sweater with "LSP" in yellow lettering, magenta pants, and a pink blouse.
  • Again, although never shown wearing it, there is a purple sweater with a yellow star on the floor of LSP's hotel room in "Candy Streets."


Like most Lumpy Space People, she has no legs or feet, but can float. Also, she can infect someone with the lumps if she bites a person with her teeth. As she says, "It's, like, werewolf rules." She can choose not to float if she wishes. This is shown in "Trouble in Lumpy Space," during the Mallow Tea Ceremony. As the yellow star on her head grew dim, she began to be influenced by gravity, fell and accidentally bit Jake. It is shown in "Gotcha!" that even when Lumpy Space Princess is fully capable of floating, she can still fall accidentally.

Her body has been shown to be able to change shape if done forcibly. This is shown in "Loyalty to the King" when she punches her lumps in to make herself "smooth," and in "Happy Warrior," when her body squishes and morphs while being pushed away by Finn in a tunnel.

In the first video game, she is shown to be able to increase her size when she consumes a can of beans. She also gains the ability to rip holes in space to travel between Lumpy Space and Ooo, as well as fire dark black plasma-like objects. This likely isn't canon to the show, however.

In "Game Creator," her power attack is "Rainbow Spew," where she gains the ability to spit out rainbows.

It is revealed in "Skyhooks II" that Lumpy Space Princess is the most powerful of the Elementals, a group of beings who embody the cosmic forces that make up Ooo. As the Elemental of Lumps, she can negate the powers of other Elementals and reverse the damage they cause, should they ever go rogue.


LSP's Phone

Lumpy Space Princess acts like a bratty, apathetic, sassy, attention-seeking and willfully ignorant teenager, often texting on her phone. She is the archetype of the teenage valley-girl "princess" affecting a self-centered, stubborn and rude persona. Her off-putting personality may actually be a way for her to cope with her own insecurities about her appearance. Furthermore, she seems to be more aware than she lets on. She acknowledged the shallow nature of her friendship with her fellow Lumpy Space folk compared to the more genuine friendship with Finn and Jake. In "The Lich" her star jewel did not fit into the Enchiridion; however, this may be because she is not the actual ruler of Lumpy Space since her parents are.

Her unpleasant attitude, however, seems to be shared by the majority of Lumpy Space people. It's simply most noticeable in her case because she's the only Lumpy Space person who visits Ooo. Finn and Jake began showing this same attitude when they were temporarily changed into Lumpy Space people.

Lumpy Space Princess can be ostensibly unmoved and uncaring about what goes on around her, using such words as "sure," "whatever," and "fine" frequently. She can also be physically apathetic and unwilling to make an effort, as shown in "Gotcha!" when she reluctantly helped Finn and Jake carry rocks, but complained the entire time (even though it was only two small rocks).

She prefers to be the center of attention. When people ignore her, she will yell things out to regain the spotlight, such as in "The Creeps" when she interrupted Finn by talking about her relationship with Brad. She also became upset (and violent) when another group performed the song she chose during the talent show in "Five Short Graybles," and again when Finn and Jake took the win out from under her. This is also shown in "Apple Wedding," where she revealed that she thinks that every party is her party and tries to ruin Tree Trunks' wedding by convincing that it was her party. She did not give up when Finn tries to block her and crawled to the ceremony instead, while yelling for everybody to pay attention to her. She even showed-off her bouquet just to let everyone pay attention to her.

She often misinterprets things and jumps to conclusions, as shown in "It Came from the Nightosphere" when she saw Hot Dog Princess's soul being sucked into Hudson's mouth, and became upset for not being invited to the "party." She will also create drama where none exists, such as in "The Monster" and "Gotcha!" where she assigns names and personalities to animals and insects in order to act out romance-driven storylines.

She tends to lose her temper and make fun of people, but she can sometimes attempt to be nice towards others. For example, when Jake contracts the lumps she agrees to help and takes Finn and Jake to Lumpy Space for the cure in "Trouble in Lumpy Space" and was forgiving towards Finn after he yelled at her in the same episode. She was also at the hospital, apparently concerned for Princess Bubblegum, in "Mortal Recoil."





Lumpy Space Princess arguing with her parents

Her strained relationship with her parents is first shown in "Trouble in Lumpy Space" when she has an argument with her parents and they ban her from using the royal car. After the fight Lumpy Space Princess tells Finn that she "lumping hate[s] them," and that her "parents are horrible idiots."

Tumblr ll062aF3151qfy2kdo1 r1 500

Lumpy Space Princess living in the forest with her can of "Full Of Beans" brand beans

Lumpy Space Princess is shown to have run away from her parents and set up camp outside in the woods as of "To Cut a Woman's Hair." She is also seen in "Heat Signature" cooking a can of beans in a makeshift camp. In "The Monster" she explains that, after an argument with her parents, she ran away to the woods and was found by a pack of wolves. The wolves took her in and raised her as one of their own, but she was banished after causing too much drama. She came upon a village, but the villagers mistook her for a monster and ran away. Lumpy Space Princess began using this to her advantage and took up the guise of a monster to scare away the villagers and raid their crops. After talking with Finn and Jake, she realizes her mistake and reconciles with her parents; however, in "Princess Monster Wife" she is once again living at her hobo camp.

At the end of "Come Along With Me," after she is crowned queen, her parents bow to her in respect.



Her only known Lumpy Space Person friend is Melissa. However, their relationship is tenuous because Melissa is currently dating her ex-boyfriend, Brad. This is illustrated in "Trouble in Lumpy Space" when she tells Finn that there's going to be a lot of romantic tension on their ride because she used to eat chili-cheese fries with Brad. Lumpy Space Princess seems to be aware of how shallow her relationships with her Lumpy Space friends are, as seen later where she tells Finn that he is supposed to be her friend, unlike the "fake" ones she has there.

Despite their tenuous relationship, Lumpy Space Princess and Melissa appears to be still good friends with each other as she was seen talking to Melissa on the phone in "Heat Signature" and "The Wand."

Turtle Princess[]


Best Friends

She was also seen to be friends with Turtle Princess (in "Gotcha!"). She seems to have a good friendship with her, because they speak on the phone to each other multiple times in "Gotcha!" and Turtle Princess brings her food to her hobo camp. She also gave her the idea to write a book, (which Lumpy Space Princess did) and Turtle Princess told her she loved it, and published it.

Interestingly, in "The Prince Who Wanted Everything," despite their good relationship, Lumpy Space Princess appears to write her gender-swapped character as one of her/his slaves.


Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline become good friends in "Princess Day." Marceline is impressed when Lumpy Space Princess rebels against Breakfast Princess' boring Princess Day events, and the two team up to "be bad," vandalizing a good part of the Breakfast Kingdom and driving Breakfast Princess' car off a canyon. When Marceline drank one of the Maple Guards' syrup to knock him out, and explained that she could not digest syrup, Lumpy Space Princess kicked the guard several times for "poisoning my girl." They appear to still be friends at the episode's conclusion, and were even presented as Finn's image representing friendship in "The Comet." In "Be Sweet," Lumpy Space Princess calls Marceline to brag about her babysitting job. In "The Music Hole," Lumpy Space Princess plays drums for Marceline in the Battle of the Bands, with Death on backup guitar.

Sweet P[]

Lumpy Space Princess babysat Sweet P in "Be Sweet." Though she neglected most of her duties, leading Sweet P to wander off into the night, she sincerely expressed the "sweet" feelings toward him needed to get him to sleep by the end. However, Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks seemed displeased by her trashing of their house and attempts to move in as a nanny, and were already discussing other babysitting options at the episode's end.

Love interests[]

Earl of Lemongrab[]

Lumpy Space Princess was briefly seen on a picnic date with the Earl of Lemongrab in "Normal Man." Based on her comments, they apparently met through an online dating site. Lemongrab quickly freaked out at the prospect of food being served on a blanket and ended the date, though Lumpy Space Princess pointed out that he needed to deal with his fear of intimacy. In "Come Along With Me," Lumpy Space Princess proposes a kiss to Lemongrab when it appears they are about to die, which he deems, "Acceptable." Lumpy Space Princess' entire face puckers as a result of Lemongrab's sour physiology, but she appears to have enjoyed it. Their long-term relationship status is unclear.


Lumpy Space Princess had a genuine romantic connection with Johnnie, a former high school classmate she encountered at a tavern in "Bad Timing" who was in the Candy Kingdom on business. The two immediately hit it off, but Lumpy Space Princess, who was already feeling slighted by Princess Bubblegum, became overwhelmingly insecure after Johnnie left her alone for a business dinner with Bubblegum. After seeing the two of them dining together (platonically), Lumpy Space Princess then violently attacked the Candy Castle with a root beer Molotov Cocktail and a fuel truck, then stole Princess Bubblegum's time machine and attempted to send Johnnie back to "when you loved me." This instead sent Johnnie to the alternate dimension seen surrounding the action of the episode, followed by Lumpy Space Princess getting Bubblegum to erase the memory of her time with Johnnie using her time machine.


Brad is Lumpy Space Princess' ex-boyfriend who is dating Melissa currently. As stated in "Trouble in Lumpy Space," they used to eat chili fries together, concluding them to have a good relationship. It was also revealed that Lumpy Space Princess feels uncomfortable around him, as when Brad boarded Melissa's car, she stated that it would be hard for her as there will be lots of romantic tension on the ride. The relationship between them was brought up again after three seasons; in "The Creeps," where it was revealed that they broke up because he kissed her on the mouth, which upsets her and made Brad realized that she's "obviously not ready for me." Near the end of the episode, LSP concluded that she is ready for him now. In "Bad Timing," when she heard about Princess Bubblegum's time machine, she was determined to travel back in time to where he still loves her, showing that she wants to rekindle their relationship.


S6e6 FinnxLSP

Lumpy Space Princess refers to Finn as a real friend, unlike other Lumpy Space People. She is willing to help Finn, as seen in "Trouble in Lumpy Space" where she helps him get an antidote for Jake. She also shows her friendship in "Gotcha!" by reluctantly helping him carry rocks, and complimenting him on being "hot." In "To Cut a Woman's Hair," she reveals that she thinks that Finn likes her by saying, "I knew you liked me." In "Breezy," she reveals that she has been waiting "infinity" for Finn to kiss and/or make an advance towards her. However, she is unsatisfied with Finn simply pecking her on the lips (which she refers to as "a dip in the kiddie pool"), and she suggests that they "go to the deep end" instead.


Princess Bubblegum[]

Lumpy Space Princess seems to have a weird type of relationship with Princess Bubblegum. At first, she seems to be on good terms with her and was often invited to the parties that she threw ("Trouble in Lumpy Space," "Ricardio the Heart Guy," "Princess Potluck"). Lumpy Space Princess was also the first person to call Bubblegum "PB." She was also at the hospital for her in "Mortal Recoil," seeming to be concerned.

S5e18 PB and LSP

Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess in "Princess Potluck"

However, an opposite version of their relationship was shown in "Bad Timing," where Lumpy Space Princess attacked her for refusing to give her the gloves that will activate the Time Travel Machine. She forced her to the ground and pulls out her hair while calling her a witch and skunk who does not "know heartache with the whole Candy Kingdom in love with [her] pretty bubblegum buns." When Princess Bubblegum announced that she will declare war on the entire Lumpy Space if she did not apologize to her immediately, Lumpy Space Princess gave her a long, resentful "I'm sorry" but then reveals that she only apologized because she thinks that Bubblegum is so stupid. Later in the episode, Lumpy Space Princess furiously concludes that Bubblegum has a plan to steal Johnnie from her when he tells her that the dinner will only include Bubblegum and him. As she spies on them during the royal dinner, Lumpy Space Princess comes to believe that Johnnie has become attracted to Bubblegum and does not love her anymore. Enraged, she violently attacks the Candy Kingdom using a Molotov cocktail and a truck of gasoline, causing a huge explosion through the kingdom. In the end, when Lumpy Space Princess can't find Johnnie in the tavern, Princess Bubblegum comes in and explains how the time travel machine would have had to log Johnnie's molecules before it would work and tells her that she does not know when Lumpy Space Princess questions where he is. Wanting to forget this heartache, Lumpy Space Princess requests the princess to send her back in time, which Bubblegum does. She is sent back to where she attacks Princess Bubblegum and continues to insult her with the same words before. Lumpy Space Princess was also annoyed with Bubblegum being in her seat in "Video Makers."

Lumpy Space Princess is among Princess Bubblegum's allies in the Gum War in "Come Along With Me" implying that the two do not hate each other.


Lumpy Space Princess had an antagonistic relationship with a forest raccoon in "Be Sweet" who stole her chicken and snuck into Mr. Pig and Tree Trunks' house to taunt Lumpy Space Princess that she did not belong there and was "garbage" like him. By the episode's end, he appeared to be more sympathetic to her and offered her to share in the chicken he'd taken. The raccoon's voice might only have been a projection of Lumpy Space Princess' insecurities, but this is left ambiguous in the context of the episode.


Lumpy Space Princess hired Jake and Lady Rainicorn's daughter Viola to work as her assistant on her play in "Summer Showers," despite Viola auditioning for the lead role. She was tyrannical towards Viola and made her undertake a variety of menial tasks in addition to her behind-the-scenes work, and constantly berated her. She forced Viola to sit on the roof in the rain to draw raindrops "correctly" for a stage effect, and locked the door behind her (Viola's Rainicorn teleporting powers let her easily escape). On opening night, Lumpy Space Princesses attempted to take the main lead after Tree Trunks was forced to bow out, but a fed-up Viola instead teleported Lumpy Space Princess to Ice King's lair and did a great job heading the play. Lumpy Space Princess made her way back in time for the ending, and admitted that while she should be mad, she was greatly impressed with the job Viola did creating raindrop effects, and was mostly okay with her performance.


Breakfast Princess[]

Lumpy Space Princess and Breakfast Princess do not get along at all. In "Princess Day," Lumpy Space Princesses denounces the Breakfast Princesses-hosted event as boring, which leads Breakfast Princess to mock Lumpy Space Princess' homeless lifestyle and say she is not a real princess, along with being a "pamplemousse." Lumpy Space Princess, who had just called Breakfast Princess "eggbreath," then teams up with Marceline to take revenge on Breakfast Princess through acts of theft and vandalism. In the end, they leave Breakfast Princess in the desert to force her to build a sandcastle (she leaves shortly after they do) and drive her car off a canyon. Breakfast Princess was previously shown to not like Lumpy Space Princess in a story in Issue #3 of the Adventure Time comic by Adventure Time artist Michael DeForge, though this was not in the cartoon's continuity.

Breakfast Princess is seen at LSP's crowning at the end of "Come Along With Me" and bows in respect. 

Name in other languages[]

  • Her German name is Beulenwelt-Prinzessin
  • Her French name is Princesse de l'espace grumeleuse
  • Her Russian name is Принцесса Пупырчатого Королевства(Printsessa pupirchatogo korolevstva)
  • Her Irish name is Banphrionsa Lumpy Space
  • Her Italian name is Principessa dello Spazio Bitorzolo
  • Her Spanish name is Princesa del espacio bultos
  • Her Brazilian Portuguese name is Princesa Caroço
  • Her Japanese name is ランピースペースプリンセス(Ranpīsupēsupurinsesu)
  • Her Danish name is Klumperumsprinsessen
  • Her Welsh name is Tywysoges Lumpy Space
  • Her Greek name is Lumpy Space Princess
  • Her Polish name is Królewna Grudkowego Kosmosu


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Episode appearances[]

Major appearances[]

Minor appearances[]

Mentioned or pictured[]


  • She is voiced by Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time.
    • Pendleton Ward admitted that he came up with Lumpy Space Princess's voice by cursing around the office in a valley girl accent.[citation needed]
    • He has also stated that he tries to scream lines as the character because "...that covers up sincere emotion."[citation needed]
  • Lumpy Space Princess may be able to vomit rainbows, as seen in "The Monster", but eating a piece of tree bark may have caused this, so it is not known if she can do it on command. However, as shown in Game Creator, she is able to vomit rainbows once she gains the power attack potion.
  • She was the first person in the series to call Princess Bubblegum by her initials, "PB" as heard in "Ricardio the Heart Guy."
  • Lumpy Space Princess is made out of irradiated stardust, according to Pendleton Ward.[citation needed]
  • She starred in an exclusive video on the Adventure Time Facebook page: "Adventure Time - ONE MILLION FANS!"
  • She has a gender-swapped version of herself: Lumpy Space Prince, who was also voiced by Pendleton Ward until Peter Serafinowicz voiced him in "The Prince Who Wanted Everything."
  • Pendleton Ward stated that if he had to date any female Adventure Time character, he would date Lumpy Space Princess because she has his voice.[1]
  • She tends to use the word "lump" or "stuff" in the place where swear words could be used, and says "Oh my Glob" frequently.
  • Lumpy Space Princess has a ringtone that is simply Turtle Princess saying, "Hey, gurl," repeatedly as seen in the episode "Gotcha!"
  • There are a couple of indications that Lumpy Space Princess is a teenager.
    • In "Trouble in Lumpy Space" she goes to the Weekly Promcoming Dance, suggesting that she attends an equivalent to high school.
    • In "The Eyes" where Finn and Jake are seen dancing at her Quinceañera, an event held on a woman's fifteenth birthday held in some parts of Latin America to commemorate her transition from childhood to womanhood. Although it is unclear if "Quinceañera" has the same meaning in Lumpy Space as it does on Earth.
  • In the episode, "Hitman," Ice King states that she is among his least favorite princesses. Though in "Princess Monster Wife" he stated that he used only the body parts of his favorite princesses; Lumpy Space Princess turned out to be one of the princesses that had a body part removed to make Princess Monster Wife.
  • She is one of the two princesses to have another emblem aside from a crown to represent her royalty as a princess. The other one is Flame Princess.
  • According to CN Latin America, her hobby is hot boys and she has a talent for singing.
  • She along with The Earl of Lemongrab, Tiffany, Ricardio, Magic Man, Donny, and Squirrel were pictured in the credits of "Water Park Prank" as one of those who can't return to Wet Pipes Water Park.
  • She is the first princess to be crowned queen in the series and the second queen overall, after Marceline.

  • Adventure Time released an official 3D design of Lumpy Space Princess on MyMiniFactory.
  • Lumpy Space Princess is an exosuit in Project Exonaut.
  • Lumpy Space Princess is a playable character in Adventure Time Battle Party.
  • Lumpy Space Princess is the surprise final boss of Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!
  • Lumpy Space Princess is a playable character in Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! after defeating the demon cat.
  • Lumpy Space Princess is a playable character in the 2015 video game LEGO Dimensions included in a Team Pack with Jake.

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