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Lumpy Space Mom (formerly known as Lumpy Space Queen) is the former queen of Lumpy Space. She makes her first appearance in "Trouble in Lumpy Space" and another brief appearance in "The Eyes," dancing at Lumpy Space Princess' quinceañera. She is Lumpy Space Princess' mother. In the episode, she is first heard after Lumpy Space Princess' argument with her dad. She yells at her daughter, but then Lumpy Space Princess makes her cry. Because of this, Lumpy Space King denies his daughter the use of the Royal Car. She appears to be very over-protective and strict. Lumpy Space People can only be married once because they get attached to their spouses.


She's seen to be brash in "Trouble in Lumpy Space." In "The Monster," she has a more caring, somewhat quieter personality.


Lumpy Space Queen is attached to Lumpy Space King. Like her daughter and husband, she has a star with a light pink outline on her forehead, and short, straight medium purple hair. She and her husband are both light purple like Lumpy Space Princess. In "The Monster," she has a new design where she is no longer on Lumpy Space King's back, but on his side. This is due to lump shifts.[1]

She wears a crown similar in design to Princess Bubblegum's.


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What did you just say?! What did you just say?!

—"Trouble in Lumpy Space"

We miss you.

—"The Monster"


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