Lost in the Darkness/Love is a duet sung by Breezy and Finn in "Breezy." In "Lost in the Darkness," Finn describes his apathetic state brought on by recent events while Breezy sings of her love toward Finn's arm flower. In "Love" (which is a part two to the song "Lost in the Darkness"), Finn's heart is stirred by Breezy's deep expressions of love, as she appears in the forest and begins to sing. This causes him to vividly recall the sensation of love and Breezy is replaced by a vision of Princess Bubblegum, who also takes part in the duet.


"Lost in the Darkness"

Finn: I'm lost in the darkness
What will this bring?
Autumn descends on me
Breezy: What do I see?
Oh, so beautiful
My heart, it beats
Oh, so magical
Finn: I'm lost in the darkness
What will this bring?


Breezy: My love will not fade
I see love beyond reason
Finn: What do I hear?
Oh, so beautiful
Breezy: Blooming
This voiceless singing
Finn: Is this a dream?
Oh, so magical
Breezy: My chest is full to burst
Finn: This memory of feeling
Breezy, turning into Princess Bubblegum: Aaaaah
Finn: Who calls to my heart?
Princess Bubblegum: Aah aah aah aah
My hero arise
Let love be your guide

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