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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Lord Monochromicorn is the gender-swapped version of Lady Rainicorn created by the Ice King in his fanfiction story, inspired by a real universe created by Prismo. He is the loyal companion of Prince Gumball and the boyfriend of Cake who communicates by using his hoof like a telegraph to communicate with Morse Code, rather than by speaking Korean as Lady Rainicorn does (he stomps his hoof for a dot and scratches the floor like a line for a dash.) and Cake can understand him clearly.

In the spin-off sequel series Fionna & Cake, it was revealed that many characters from the original series, including and especially the ones from the Fionna and Cake episodes are real but they were turned into non-magical and human versions of themselves in a world resembling the pre-Mushroom War era. In this version of Fionna-world, he is the cashier of a candy store called "Candy Supply".


Lord Monochromicorn is completely charcoal black with a long, gray mane with white-slit eyes. His long, white horn has two rings circling it. He is entirely different from Lady Rainicorn's multicolor scheme. He is more horse-like compared to Lady Rainicorn.

In his human version, he appears as a tall, olive-skinned human with silver hair and rectangular glasses. His sense of style is somewhat gothic; he has an eyebrow piercing and wears a harness underneath a black hoodie. The hood has a small spike which resembles a horn and a dark grey tuft of hair protrudes from the back of it, although it is unclear whether this is part of the hood or his actual hair. Finally, he wears a grey apron, which is likely his uniform at the candy supply store.



In "Fionna and Cake", the two are seen to be in love and in a similar relationship to their counterparts. Cake understands Lord Monochromicorn's language perfectly and is excited when he gives her catnip. She flirtatiously tells him "You're not ugly."

In the spin-off, his universe no longer has magic and everything was rewritten where he is now a human and she was temporarily a regular cat, so the current status of their relationship is unknown, but the two presumably do not remember or know each other unfortunately.

Prince Gumball[]

Prince Gumball is Lord's partner and best friend. The two seem close, with Gumball riding Lord and accompanying him in a race.

In the spin-off, Lord is the supplier of Gary's sweet ingredients, but much of their relationship is unknown.



According to Natasha Allegri, Lord Monochromicorn can open up black holes.[1] He can also stretch and fly like Lady Rainicorn.


  • Lord Monochromicorn neighs like a horse.
  • Lord Monochromicorn was really created by original series designer Natasha Allegri.
  • Lord Monochromicorn can be unlocked in Jumping Finn.
  • During Lord Monochromicorn's first appearance in the actual show when Cake greets him with "Hiya gorgeous!", he replies "Hey" in Morse Code. In the original storyboard, near the very end of the episode when Fionna and Cake are talking about how much they love the Ice King, Lord Monochromicorn shows up and uses Morse code to say, "We Love You Ice King!"[2] In the completed episode, Lord Monochromicorn's first statement is "Hey", and his second statement translates to "ISE?" (resembles ICE, because Fionna and Cake are talking about Ice King).
  • When Lord Monochromicorn made his first appearance on screen, the sound of thunder could be heard in the background.
  • In the original storyboard, Lord Monochromicorn's horn is shaped like a lightning rod, his eyes are like Lady Rainicorn's and he spoke English instead of using Morse Code.
  • Prince Gumball sometimes calls Lord Monochromicorn "Mo-Chro."
  • Lady Rainicorn has said that she flies by using light and "dancing" on it. However, Lord Monochromicorn is black, which would mean he would absorb light.
  • Lord Monochromicorn and Lady Rainicorn both have small things to do with rain/weather; Lady resembles a rainbow, which happens after sunlight is refracted by rain while thunder is heard when Lord Monochromicorn appears and his mane is gray which resembles the gray clouds that appear at storms.
    • Additionally, their color schemes are the opposite of each other's; Lady has a rainbow-colored body (to go along with her powers), whereas Lord Monochromicorn is black, white and grey, which are usually used to indicate a lack of color.
  • Lord Monochromicorn's name is an allusion on the words "Monochrome" and "Unicorn". Monochrome refers to a type of special painting in which the artist uses the same color or different shades of the one color, to construct the artwork. This explains his charcoal black body coloring, along with gray fur.
    • Mono- is Greek for one, chromi- is Greek for color, and -corn is presumably short for unicorn ("one-horn", via "rainicorn"). Monochromicorn means "one color unicorn" as reference to his body's black coloration.
  • Lord Monochromicorn seems to have a slight physical appearance to Shadow Horse.
  • Much like Cake, Lord Monochromicorn is not only a different gender than Lady Rainicorn, but also a different species.
  • Lord Monochromicorn is a boss in These Lumps.
  • Similar to Lady Rainicorn, it is likely that "Lord" is not a royal title, but part of Lord Monochromicorn's actual name.
  • In the non-magical version of Fionna-world, Lord Monochromicorn works at Gumball's favorite candy store, reminiscent of when he used to live in the alternate version of the Candy Kingdom.

Names in Other Languages[]

  • His Italian name is Lord Monocromatico
  • His Punjabi name is ਪ੍ਰਭੂ ਮੌਨੋਕ੍ਰੋਮਿਕੋਰਨ