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Lord Lazertron the Third is one of the main characters in the Adventure Time comic "Ice King". He is shown to be a protagonist with good intentions but is revealed to be a manipulative antagonist who tricks Ice King. He was also the former leader of The Dark Moon Esbats.


His personality is based on pretending to be cool and powerful. With these fake traits, he gets people to join his "elite club". He is actually quite manipulative to many characters in this comic. He usually only helps somebody to gain something for himself.


He is colored purple, and the top of his head is wavy. His left eye is yellow, but his right eye is dark green. He also has a light green gemstone in between his eyebrows. He can be seen in three different outfits. The first outfit he is seen wearing is a big red coat that drapes over his whole body. His collar is positioned upwards, covering some of his face. On both sides of the collar, there are gemstones that are the same shade of green as the previously mentioned gemstone. The second outfit he is seen wearing is a big black cloak. This is most likely worn because he is in a secret club. The third and final outfit he is seen wearing is a red turtleneck with matching red pants. His shirt has a pocket with a pen inside, and there is a golden stripe near the top (the bottom of the shirt is laced with the same golden color). The pants have two golden stripes, the same color as those of the shirt. Also, he appears to not be wearing shoes.


His age is never officially revealed, however, he is a teenager because an angry man yells, "HEY! I told you darn kids to stop hanging out back here!!" to him and his squad (also, he still lives in his mom's basement).


Do be slowing your cinnamon rolls there beardo.

You best be standing down! I... I will unleash my full powers on you! And you do NOT want that! Nuh uh!

May I formally introduce myself, the leader of this cool secret squad of ours: Lord Lazertron the Third