Lizard Princess[1] (or Reptile Princess) is a character who makes a cameo in the Season 1 episode "What is Life?" in Ice King's Imagination Zone. She is located between Space Angel Princess and Mini Queen. She later reappears in the Season 6 episode "Breezy." She is the ruler of the Lizard Kingdom.


She has short blonde hair, purple skin, and dark purple curved horns. She wears a teal dress with a green belt. She wears some sort of gold-colored amulet with a green gem that has an "eye within the sun" design. Like most lizards, she has a tail, fangs, red eyes, and a long forked tongue. Her tail is under her dress and has spikes coming out the top. Like the rest of her skin, it is purple.

She somewhat resembles the Reptilian Clone from "We Fixed a Truck," mostly during the transformation from Princess Bubblegum to the creature. 


  • She is one of the few princesses who originally do not have gems/crowns.
    • However her redesign is shown to have a gem in her necklace.
  • She did not appear in "Princess Day" indicating she might be one of the unregistered princesses mentioned to exist.


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