The Little People first appeared in the episode "All the Little People" when Finn finds a bag of living toys planted on him by Magic Man. They seem to not speak English (or Korean) but speak a non-sense language (made up of "wuh's" and "wee's").

They also appear to live in a separate dimensional plane, but their bodies and movements are visible to the people of Finn's world and decisions can be controlled from it, as when little Finn kissed little Lady Rainicorn. The only way to communicate with the Little People is to vibrate them at a specific frequency. Finn does this in the episode "All the Little People" when he communicates with Little Finn. It can also be noted that the Little People are much less detailed then the actual characters.

List of Little People

All of the characters included in the bag are:


  • When Finn places the Ice King's drum kit down, Little Gunter follows Finn's hand as it raises, (implying he, at least, can see both dimensional planes).
  • Little Princess Bubblegum and little Marceline were some of the few Little People that interacted- they waved at each other and walked together.


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