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"Little Dude" is the tenth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and fourteenth episode overall.


Finn's hat causes problems after it is brought to life by the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving.


The episode starts off with Finn and Jake running through the candy forest to find the swimming hole Jake mentioned to Finn. Jake says that they should race to the swimming hole, then Finn argues that Jake is cheating because he has to take his clothes off, and reveal his red-and-white underwear. Jake trips and falls and Finn catches up, in just his underpants, and throws his clothes to the ground and throws his hat near a flower. Finn and Jake then jump into the pond to swim. While they are swimming, the flower touches Finn's hat, and shines a bright light inside it. Finn and Jake start swimming in circles to create a swirl.

When they finally succeed, they decide to get out of the water. Jake then says that he wants sausages, he then gets his Sassage Flare, (which Lady Rainicorn told him to only use in emergencies) hoping BMO will see his message. As Finn tries put on his hat, it starts moving and grunting. Finn is startled at first, and tells the hat to relax. Jake takes a liking to it and Finn names it "Little Dude." They head back to the Tree Fort, but when they leave, the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving digs himself out off the ground and starts following them.

When Finn and Jake arrive at the Tree Fort, BMO is cooking dinner for them. Finn then introduces Little Dude to BMO, but upon seeing the chef hat on BMO's head Little Dude bites Finn and jumps on BMO's head, making him fall. BMO says that he thinks Finn kept better company and Finn states that Little Dude was just excited. Finn heads to the table and places a bowl on Little Dude so that Jake and himself can eat, BMO then tells them to not touch anything until he finishes cooking. Finn and Jake both grab a sausage each and dip them in milk, while Little Dude struggles to get out from under the bowl. Once he gets out, he starts to eat the sausages which just come out off his bottom end, apparently unchanged. Finn quickly grabs one and sniffs it, suddenly exclaiming that Little Dude had turned it into poo. Jake enlarges his nose and sniffs the sausage and agrees with Finn. Little Dude continues to do the same thing (eating) to the other foods, until Jake catches it. The two start getting ready for bed as BMO had suggested. As the pair leave the room, BMO slaps Finn on the butt. Jake laughs at this saying "Haha, BMO hit ya on the butt!". Meanwhile, the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving finds the Tree Fort.

As Finn and Jake are getting ready for bed, the Magi climbs to the roof of the Tree Fort, and Finn tells Jake that something's crawling up the house, but Jake says that it is probably just Ice King. The Magi then gets in the house by way of a broken window, but Finn and Jake catch him. The Magi then explains that the hat was evil, as is anything he touches. BMO tells them from upstairs that the hat got away and went to the Candy Kingdom. In the Candy Kingdom, a Candy Person walks into an alley where Finn's hat jumps on his head and warps his body into a grotesque, muscular form. Soon, Finn, Jake, and the Magi come looking for Finn's hat. They find the hat, which soon starts to fight them, throwing horses, trash cans, flagpoles and Candy People. One of the projectiles hits a Gumball Guardian which then alerts everyone of the evil presence. Little Dude then climbs up and possesses the Gumball Guardian, who then starts breathing fire and firing lasers at the Candy Kingdom. Finn and Jake convince the Magi to use his powers to help them, but he refuses and says he only turns things evil because he is always thinking about how mean his father was to him. Jake then convinces him to think something positive. The Magi then starts thinking about his mommy, who showered him in love, and begins giving life to objects that then wanted to give hugs, including Finn's pajamas, which after they come off Finn, Finn is left in nothing but his red-and-white underwear again. He then orders the objects to capture Finn's hat and they soon succeeded. Afterwards, he takes back all of their life energy. Finn feels sympathy towards his hat and asks the Magi to bring him back good. The Magi does so and Finn tells his hat that the Magi is his father, and tells the Magi to take care of his hat. Finn tells Jake that he needs a new hat, Jake replies "Okay, lets go skin an evil bear" and they walk away, with Finn still in his underwear.


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  • After Finn's hat knocks BMO off his stool (about the 3-minute mark), the snail appears just to the right of and behind the stool.
  • Even though the Magi can phase through objects, he still physically buried himself and dug himself out.
  • When the Magi takes away his bros' life energy, he says "mommy" in reverse.
  • When Finn says he needs a new hat, Jake replies "Let's go skin an evil bear," which implies that may have been how Finn's hat was originally made.[2]
    • Which also coincides with the shape of the hat, as it is described as a "bear themed hat." 
  • Finn states that Jake is "getting fat," even though in "Business Time," Jake can change his weight by using his Stretchy Powers. Though Finn may only be joking when he said this to Jake.
  • The Magi's voice actor also voiced Gazpacho from the show Chowder.
    • Coincidentally, while Magi has problems with his father, Gazpacho has problems with his mother.
  • Even though the candy person the hat possessed was not under its control anymore, he remained muscular, he did too when the Magi brought his shorts to life using his mommy magic, and later when the Magi took back his life forces, the candy person was still muscular; which is probably why he said "Yes!"
  • When Finn was in his underwear, his body looks skinnier than when he was in "Who Would Win."
  • Jake takes a huge whiff of the excreted food on the table and doesn't seem too offended by the smell, possibly acknowledging a real-life dog's tendency to consume feces.  
  • Whenever Little Dude possesses anyone, their eyes usually turn green and given the strongest deadly powers.  
  • After The Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving mommy-magics Finn's red pajamas to life and they come of his body, Finn remains in nothing but his own underwear throughout the rest of the episode.  

Episode connections

Cultural references

  • After Little Dude possesses the man in the alley and then walks up to the horse and punches it out. This is very reminiscent of a scene in Blazing Saddles in which Mongo, portrayed by Alex Karras, punches out a horse.
  • When Little Dude possessed the Gumball Guardian, it showed new powers; like creating a laser that makes a large explosion as seen in a few different series and movies, for example Nausicaä and Dragon Ball Z.
  • Little Dude's ability to possess people and be the host is similar to DC Comics supervillain, Starro. Also similar are the symbiotes Venom and Carnage from Marvel Comics.
  • Little Dude jumping on people's heads to possess them is similar to the headcrab, a creature from the Half-Life video game series.


  • When the Gumball Guardian was possessed, the other Gumball Guardian should have been triggered, or they should have both been triggered by the hat's mere presence.
  • Finn's clothes appear near the flower and then disappear.
  • When BMO tells Finn and Jake they should take a bath the pan is in a different burner.
  • When Finn picks up the hat from the ground after the Magi recovered his life forces, Finn is wearing shoes. He was not wearing shoes when the Magi gave life to his pajamas.
  • When Finn and Jake are trying to make a swirl in the pool, the swirl appears to be in front of Finn when he swims by it, even though it is farther in the background.
  • When Finn's hat possesses the Gumball Guardian, he uses a beam that causes a large explosion. When the possessed Gumball Guardian fires the beam, the yellow stripe on his body is visible, but when it shows the back of the Guardian and the explosion, the stripe is gone.
  • After Finn and Jake decide to go back home, it seems Finn forgets to grab his clothes, but appears fully dressed (besides his hat of course) when they arrive at the tree fort.



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