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"Little Did You Know" is a special feature on the DVDs Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People[1], Jake vs. Me-Mow, Adventure Time: It Came From the Nightosphere and Fionna and Cake. It is a special feature that "provides fans with character profiles from the series' cast of quirky characters." The bonus feature has information found in the series pitch bible.

Characters (My Two Favorite People)


Finn is a brave and righteous hero with a wicked crush on Princess Bubblegum. His one weakness is that he's afraid of oceans, but swimming in a lake is totally mathemagical.

Age: 12
Species: Human
Occupation: Hero
  • Hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting
  • Making origami cranes


Though Jake is technically a bulldog, he's way cooler because he can stretch his body to become anything you need for an adventure. Jake's a master at cracking jokes when things get too serious, and he wears invisible pants spun from spider webs by pixies.

Age: 28 in dog years
Species: Canine
Occupation: Hero/Best friend
  • Shape-shifting
  • Playing a mean viola

Ice King

Ruler of the Ice Kingdom, the king's most favorite hobby is trapping princesses and forcing them to marry him. This makes him very unpopular and lonely. He adores company of any kind and will entertain you with a drum solo. His big secret is a tattoo on his butt.

Age: 1000+
Species: Human/Wizard
Occupation: King
Abilities: Using his beard to fight or fly and can blast ice from his hands

Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum rules! Literally. She's the kindhearted ruler of the Candy Kingdom and loves all of her subjects unconditionally. She spends a lot of time doing experiments and solving equations. Plus, she's got a cool swan that shoots lasers. Schmowzow!

Age: 18
Species: Human-bubblegum hybrid
Occupation: Princess
  • Possesses a strong sense of morality
  • Loves science

Lady Rainicorn

This Korean-speaking unicorn-rainbow creature is Princess Bubblegum's flying steed and companion. Her love of the viola makes her a natural match for Jake, though she thinks she's smarter than him. Legend has it that sometimes you can see a double Rainicorn.

Age: Unknown
Species: Rainicorn
Occupation: Pet/wife
Abilities: Flying on beams of light and using her horn to change the color of anything.

Marceline the Vampire Queen

Marceline is a fearless daredevil who totally rocks. She's a huge prankster and her evil plans usually turn out to be harmless jokes. Unlike most vampires, she can live on "shades of red" instead of blood. And she has a pet zombie poodle.

Age: 1,000+
Species: Vampire/demon/human
Occupation: Queen
  • Levitation and shape-shifting
  • Singing and playing left-handed Ax bass


Super-villain Ricardio is extra evil because he's straight out of the Ice King's chest. When he's not forcing marriage on Princess Bubblegum, he's dumping kings in dumpsters and not feeling bad about it at all. The candy people really dig him. Go figure.

Age: 1000+
Species: Human heart
Occupation: Ice King's heart
Abilities: Being wicked unlike the Ice King and actually getting princesses to like him.

Characters (It Came From the Nightosphere)


Meet the cutest little... Er... Game System/Computer/VCR/thing you could ever want to meet. Yet BMO is more than just a walking and talking game system, he is also fairly pleasant, loves to play music, and is a relatively good listener.

Age: Ver. 2600
Species: 110 volt/60 hertz system
Occupation: Game System/Computer/VCR
Abillities: Can trap anyone inside of it

Peppermint Butler

He is a well dressed butler to the lovely and much adored princess bubblegum. Buttoned up, or down, he is always a picture of perfection. Just don't get on his bad side. He's friends with Death.

Age: Unknown
Species: Mentha Piperita
Occupation: Butler

Lumpy Space Princess

She's a princess alright? Don't question it and don't ask about Brad. She's lumpin' over him 'cause she's a lumpin' princess. And princesses don't need lumpin' Brad. Seriously though. Don't ask her. Are you going to eat that can of beans?

Age: 15
Species: Lumpy Space Person
Occupation: A lumpin' princess


It's a penguin. And the penguins work for that nut-job the Ice King so whatever you do don't trust them. Especially with your bottles. Next thing you know your getting a call from the authorities and you got to go downtown to bail them out. It gets ugly.

Age: 39
Species: A flightless, scheming bird
Occupation: Henchman/the most evil thing

Cinnamon Bun

Poor cinnamon bun. He is one bumbling, half-baked, breakfast treat. He just wanders around knocking things off shelves, he's got the attention span of a common garden newt and he forgets just about everything. Wait. What? But at least he has a good job toting tarts. So that's something.

Age: Check 'best if used by' date
Species: Ientaculum agree
Occupation: Current royal tart toter


Probably the most sophisticated worm in all of the land of Ooo, Shelby resides in Jake's viola and is known to dole out some pretty good advice. He is typically considered the voice of reason, the one with his head screwed on straight, and the adult in the room.

Age: He's a worm
Species: Worm
Occupation: Therapist


  • The background of the feature is a map of the Land of Ooo.
  • Some of the information is false, but this is likely because these are the original ideas for the characters.