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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Little Destiny is the daughter of Big Destiny and a member of the Destiny Gang. She is secretly in a relationship with Jay Mertens.


Little Destiny is the only child of Big D, it is assumed that she was born between the 14 years that passed between "Crossover" and "Destiny". At some point she met Jay Mertens, who gave her a necklace with one of the gems from Simon Petrikov's crown. Unbeknownst to her, the ruby's magic began to make her sick, but she hid this from the Destiny Clan for fear of her father's disapproval. Jay would try to find a cure for her illness. Over time, she fell in love with Jay, a feeling that was mutual and the two began a secret relationship.

In "Destiny", she lets Jay, Fionna, Cake and Simon escape. Later in the night the two meet in the ancient crown crater, where the two share a kiss. Shortly afterward they are ambushed by the Fate Clan, where Big D discovers the relationship and contemptuously throws Little Fate's necklace away. This is how Simon tells them that the gem is the reason for Little Destiny's illness, something that neither Jay nor anyone else was aware of. Jay decides to offer to stop her from stabbing her with a dagger as a sign that she didn't mean to make her sick. She believes in him and stabs a Clan member. Finally, Jay's father Finn comes to the rescue and fights the clan, while Jay and Little Fate escape.

In "Cheers", the two are summoned to help save Fionna-World by Prismo, along with Baby Finn, Peppermint Tank, and Squirrel. After Beetle's defeat, Jay and Little Fate decide to stay together in Fionna-World. She expresses relief knowing that there are working bathrooms there.


Little Destiny is a mid-teenange girl with light brown skin, a two-toned orange hair bob-cut, freckles, and two silver piercings on her left ear.

Her attire consists of a black one-piece romper, with a white shirt with torn sleeves over it, and a spiked belt. A spiked bracelet on her left wrist and a skull knee pad on her left knee. She wears red boots with steel soles and toecaps. While living in Fionna-World, her attire now consists of a black skull crop-top, plaid button-up jacket, and black pants.