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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Little Brother" from season 6, which aired on July 10, 2014.

Tree Fort
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[Episode opens at the Tree Fort. Jake is getting ready to play his viola when he hears talking.]
Voice: Whoo, show me them legs!
Jake: Shelby?
[Scene goes to inside his viola. A scorpion says "Mm, so many legs! So many legs that griz is unreal!"]
Shelby: [laughs] Hey, Dancing Bug! Uh, come on, man. Shake it.
Pincer Beetle: [chuckles] No. I really couldn't—Okay! Maybe I could! [dances, all cheer for him]
Scorpion: Whoa, dang, DB. You're the best bug at this party!
Shelby: What? Hey, I got moves, too, guys.
Scorpion: Yeah, right, Shelby. What are you gonna do? The Worm?
Shelby: [shifts eyes to the right] No. I'm gonna do parkour.
Scorpion: Hmm.
Shelby: Haha! [jumps onto a box then onto a wooden pole] Parkour! [swings up to the ceiling, falls] Ah, oh no. I really hurt myself. [looks and sees that his tail got cut off] Guys, I'm so dumb! [lays back down]
[scene changes to the next day in Jake's viola]
Shelby: [sits up] Ugh. Hey, somebody forgot their—oh, cram! [Shelby's tail turns around] Um...who are you?
Kent: Pbht!
Shelby: Oh. There's-There's a note. "Hey, dude, the tip of your tail got snipped off, so now you have a little brother. We named him Butty Butterson. Signed, the other bugs." [Kent makes a pop noise] I'll call you Kent for short.
[scene changes to Jake, who is sleeping and snoring]
Shelby: Jake..Jake!
Jake: [wakes up] Hmm? Whoa, Shelby! What's going on there? With your butt?
Shelby: It's fine. I was goofing off, got hurt. Now I got a little brother. I named him Kent.
Kent: I'm Kent!
Shelby: Whoa! A talking brother.
Jake: You can chop up a worm and get two? I thought that was a myth.
Shelby: Myth is a powerful force in my life, dude. So the thing is, I don't know beans about being a big brother. Can you give me some tips?
Jake: Ah, it's easy. You just give him something sharp and get him to fight bad guys.
Shelby: That's it?
Jake: Yeah, you might have to stretch all big if he gets in real trouble. But, yeah.
Shelby: Alright. Sounds good.
Kent: Someday, you'll be Kent's food. [laughs and follows Shelby]
Kent: [Shelby pushes a green plastic sword towards Kent] Oh wow. [pops arms out and grabs the sword]
Shelby: Hey, how'd you do that?
Kent: I don't know.
Shelby: Hmm. Okay, Kent. This is real important. You're my little brother, so your purpose is to fight bad guys. So go fight some bad guys. Or girls. Don't discriminate.
Kent: Oh. Okay, brother. [pops legs out and runs to a hole] Boo-oop. Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop!
Shelby: [looks at tail, grunts and ends up farting, sighs]
[scene changes to Kent, who is in a hole in the tree]
Kent: Hyah! [a rat squeaks, Kent gasps] A bad guy. Ah! Let's fight! [the rat runs off and squeaks, Kent follows it] Aaah! Hey, get back here! Don't run! I'm super new at fights. And at being alive. [rats growl, Kent gasps]
[scene changes to Kent laying down with bruises]
Dewdrop: Hi.
Kent: Who are you? [Dewdrop laughs] Where am I? Why do my parts hurt?
Leaf Beard: Oh, good, you're awake. I am Leaf Beard. I found you blonked out and bruised in the tunnels. But if you drink of our dewdrops, it will fix up all your ouchies.
Kent: [slurps the dewdrop] Pbht!
Leaf Beard: The rat king has made his way to our end of the roots. You should be more careful.
Kent: Oh. Oh, okay. What's a rat king?
Leaf Beard: Oh. You're not from the roots.
Kent: I'm from my brother's butt. Maybe.
Leaf Beard: The rat king's been destroying our home, chewing up the roots of this tree. This tree that gives us life!
Guy: Hey!
Kent: So, he's a bad guy?
Leaf Beard: So sick, nasty bad.
Kent: That means I got to fight him. That's what my brother said to do! Where's my sword?
Leaf Beard: Your sword was shattered to butts when I found you.
Kent: Oh...bummer.
Leaf Beard: Yes. Bums.
Kent: What do I do?
Leaf Beard: Um...I don't know. But the blacksmith could make you a new one, probably.
Dewdrop: That's who I am. And I am very good at me. Okay, so, like, the rat king has been messing up the roots, yeah? Chewing on them with his teeth. The sword has to be made with the strongest tree stuff so even his teeth can't break it! Bring me the freshest ingredients and I'll do it up.
Kent: [shows Kent walking in a cave, the blacksmith's voice says "Follow the sound of the singing crystal. There you'll find the first element."] Boo! Cool, cool.
Mouse Wizard: Greetings.
Kent: Hey, man. I'm looking for some unbreakable ore. Y'all got that here?
Mouse Wizard: I have what you seek. But consider this instead. [the crystals glow] I offer you this treasure of glittering emeralds. You'll be infinitely rich and live the rest of your days in comfort.
Kent: No, I'm good. Just the ore, please.
Mouse Wizard: Oh, ho! Well done! By resisting the temptation of wealth, you have passed my test.
Kent: Nah, I just don't care about money. My name's Kent. I'm supposed to fight bad guys.
Mouse Wizard: Alright. That's pretty weird, you go. [pulls the unbreakable ore out of his cloak] The unbreakable ore. Uh...[grunts and pushes the ore halfway out] can just—yeah. [Kent jumps and takes the ore] Oh, there, there she goes.
Kent: Ha, ha! [scene shows Kent walking in a tunnel] Boop, boop, ba-doop, ba-doop, ba-doop, boop, boop, boop. [gasps] Whoop, whoop!
Mouse Knight: Greetings. Come to fight me, eh?
Kent: My name is Kent, and if I had a sword I'd totally fight you. But for now, I'm looking for a clod of mystic earth.
Mouse Knight: Yes. I have what you seek. But consider this instead. [three female mice appear in a spotlight] I offer you the hand of one of my beautiful daughters. You'll become a good husband and live the rest of your days in true love.
Kent: Nah, I don't care about being a good husband or wife or whatever. All's I care about is fighting bad guys.
Mouse Knight: Dang, homes. That's cold. [spits into the dirt and picks it up] Here you go. Mystic earth.
[scene goes to Shelby, who is reading a book, Shelby looks at his tail and sighs]
[scene goes to a sparkling cave with Kent humming. Kent walks on a tree branch that takes him to the other side]
Mouse Thief: [appears] Greetings.
Kent: Dude, you know why I'm here!
Mouse Thief: Yeah. And I got what you want. But consider this instead. Hiya! [kicks a hole in the wall, white liquid pours out of it] Drink this sap, and you'll have life eternal. You'll never meet death and you'll outlast the world.
Kent: Um...I was born earlier today, so I don't really get a sense of my own mortality. No, thank you.
Mouse Thief: Hyah! [jumps, grabs a firefly in midair, and offers it to Kent] The sacred flame.
[scene changes back to the blacksmith, holding a sword, Kent returns with all the elements]
Dewdrop: Oh, what? [scenes go through her making the sword]
Kent: [hold the sword up] I name this sword..Punch Party! [changes to Kent walking in a tunnel with the sword lighting up] I feel so cool right now. [rat squeaks, Kent gasps and follows it] It's party time. [falls into the hole] Whoa! Uh!
Rat King: Greetings.
Kent: [turns around] Who's there?
Rat King: I am the rat king. [opens eyes] Why are you here?
Kent: I-I've got, like, this rad sword, and...I'm gonna fight you with it. [runs to the rat king, jumps into his cloak and hits the rats] Yes!
Rat King: [fallen rats climb back into his cloak] Who are you fighting me for? Your brother?
Kent: What?
Rat King: Instead, why don't you join me? I offer you cosmic power. You'll be a king and live the rest of your days as a god.
Kent: You're messing up the tree, and I totally live here! You're a bad guy!
Rat King: [laughs] Yeah. [exclaims]
Kent: [flying through the air] Don't do that! [lands on a pile of rats]
Rat King: How do you plan to defeat me?
Kent: [hitting the rats with his sword] I' I go! [jumps and hits the rat king in the teeth]
[scene switches to Jake, Finn sets his arm on his head and they laugh, Shelby is watching them]
Shelby: Having a brother around looks kind of fun. [starts singing Little Brother] Where are you? Little Brother? Are you happy? [a transparent form of Kent shows on Shelby's tail] Or do you feel weird? Have you changed a lot? Or not? Are you ever gonna come back here? I shouldn't have been so hasty. You were just a little baby. Or maybe you weren't. I'm not really sure how little brothers work. [lays down and closes eyes, Kent's singing voice is heard]
Kent: You were the first friend I ever had.
Both: No one can compare. Together we could probably fight a bear. [Kent peeks out of the hole] So if you're ever sad/lonely, don't be, 'cause I'll be [Kent hops out of the hole and hugs Shelby] right here next to you. 'Cause that's what big brothers are supposed to do. [song ends, Kent shows Shelby his bag]
Shelby: Whoa! [scene changes to Shelby writing on paper with him narrating] Kent proceeded his fantastic journey to me. It was all super good. But he had also partaken of the food of the underworld, and so he was compelled to return there by dewdrop law. That's what he said, at least. Maybe he was having second thoughts about infinite riches, true love, and eternal life. Or maybe he had just decided that fighting bad guys wasn't really his deal. [scene shows the rat king, who is missing all of his teeth] But I do know this—free from the rat king's cursed teeth, that spring, for the first time in many years, the willow tree was in bloom. [shows the outside of the Tree Fort with flowers bloomed on it]

Episode ends