In an interview with Charlie Jane Anders, Pendleton Ward revealed that the writers were working on season 5.[1] Season 5 began with the airing of a two-parter on Monday November 12, 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT), 2012, on Cartoon Network titled "Finn the Human"/"Jake the Dog."[2] The episode titles and production codes were revealed by the Frederator blog. It was also revealed that this season was to contain a one-hour special (with the production codes 1014-125, 1014-126, 1014-127, and 1014-128), but it was pushed off for later, and eventually cancelled.[3] As of June 30, 2013, storyboarder Jesse Moynihan revealed that the one-hour "movie" was intended to divide season 5 in half, which has now been extended by another 26 episodes. On November 26, 2013, Jesse Moynihan announced on Twitter that the special had been scrapped. [4] This season consists of twice as many episodes as a normal season, making it the longest season so far. According to iTunes' synopsis, season 5.2 "heats up, cools down, then heats back up again as Flame Princess battles Ice King in a mathematical battle of the elements! And what will Princess Bubblegum discover in the aftermath?! Then P-Bubs joins Marceline on a top-secret mission in search of…wait…that’s top secret! Nice try!! Then take a trip with Finn and Jake to the birthplace of BMO. It will be so cool. But also hot."[5]

No. overall No. in season Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
105 1 Titlecard S5E1 finnthehuman "Finn the Human" 3.435[6] 1014-105 November 12, 2012
Finn and Jake chase the Lich through a dimensional portal where they meet Prismo, who tells them that the Lich wished for the destruction of all life. This leads Finn to wish that the Lich "never even ever existed."
106 2 Titlecard S5E2 jakethedog "Jake the Dog" 3.435[6] 1014-106 November 12, 2012
Finn gains powers from the Ice King's crown.
107 3 Titlecard S5E3 fivemoreshortgraybles "Five More Short Graybles" 2.603[7] 1014-107 November 19, 2012
Short tales about Finn and Jake's thumbs, Marceline's search for a music shop and the Ice King's new bride.
108 4 Titlecard S5E4 upatree "Up a Tree" 2.376[8] 1014-108 November 26, 2012
Finn and Jake’s game of catch goes awry when their throwing disc is lodged in a large tree.
109 5 Titlecard S5E5 allthelittlepeople "All the Little People" 2.530[9] 1014-109 December 3, 2012
Finn receives a bag full of miniature versions of his friends.[10]
110 6 Titlecard S5E6 jakethedad "Jake the Dad" 3.190[11] 1014-111 January 7, 2013[12]
Jake finds fatherhood challenging.[13]
111 7 Titlecard S5E7 davey "Davey" 2.310[14] 1014-112 January 14, 2013[12]
Finn is hailed as a hero everywhere he goes.[15]
112 8 Titlecard S5E8 mysterydungeon "Mystery Dungeon" 2.709[16] 1014-113 January 21, 2013[12]
Ice King, Neptr, Tree Trunks, Shelby and Lemongrab must work together to escape a dungeon.[17]
113 9 Titlecard S5E9 allyourfault "All Your Fault" 2.710[18] 1014-115 January 28, 2013[12]
The Earls of Lemongrab send a distress message, and Finn and Jake investigate.[19]
114 10 Titlecard S5E10 littledude "Little Dude" 2.602[20] 1014-114 February 4, 2013[21]
Finn's hat comes to life while he and Jake are swimming.
115 11 Titlecard S5E11 badlittleboy "Bad Little Boy" 3.077[22] 1014-110 February 18, 2013
The princesses are sick and tired of Ice King’s crazy Fionna and Cake stories, so Marceline stops by the Ice Kingdom to show him how it’s done.[23]
116 12 Titlecard S5E12 vaultofbones "Vault of Bones" 2.700[24] 1014-116 February 25, 2013[25]
Finn's worried that Flame Princess still has evil tendencies in her and wants to shift her alignment to good.[26][27]
117 13 Titlecard S5E13 thegreatbirdman "The Great Bird Man" 2.579[28] 1014-117 March 4, 2013[29]
When Finn and Jake get lost in the badlands, they are saved by the ex-Goblin King.[30]
118 14 Titlecard S5E14 simon&marcy "Simon & Marcy" 2.600[31] 1014-118 March 25, 2013[32]
Ice King and Marceline 996 years ago.[33]
119 15 Titlecard S5E15 aglitchisaglitch "A Glitch is a Glitch" 2.004[34] 1014-120 April 1, 2013 [35]
Ice King creates a computer virus to delete everybody except him and Princess Bubblegum.
120 16 Titlecard S5E16 puhoy "Puhoy" 2.750[36] 1014-119 April 8, 2013 [37]
Finn visits a new world while Jake builds a pillow fort during a knife storm.[38]
121 17 Titlecard S5E17 bmolost "BMO Lost" 2.394[39] 1014-123 April 15, 2013 [40]
BMO gets snatched away by a giant eagle and must find his way home.[41]
122 18 Titlecard S5E18 princesspotluck "Princess Potluck" 2.271[42] 1014-122 April 22, 2013 [43][44]
Ice King isn't invited to the princess's potluck, so he tries to ruin it.
123 19 Titlecard S5E19 jamesbaxterthehorse "James Baxter the Horse" 2.210[45] 1014-124 May 6, 2013
Finn and Jake meet a horse named James Baxter and decide to act like him.
124 20 Titlecard S5E20 shh! "Shh!" 2.350[46] 1014-129 May 13, 2013 [47]
Finn and Jake use signs to communicate.
125 21 Titlecard S5E21 thesuitor "The Suitor" 2.409[48] 1014-130 May 20, 2013 [49]
Peppermint Butler lines up a suitor for Bubblegum, who he thinks is working too much.
126 22 Titlecard S5E22 thepartysoverisladeseñorita "The Party's Over, Isla de Señorita" 2.107[50] 1014-131 May 27, 2013 [51]
Ice King throws in the towel after another scheme fails.
127 23 Titlecard S5E23 onelastjob "One Last Job" 2.380[52] 1014-121 June 10, 2013
Jake Jr. gets mixed up with some bad eggs and Jake has to reunite with his old gang for one last job to save her.
128 24 Titlecard S5E24 anotherfivemoreshortgraybles "Another Five More Short Graybles" 2.270[53] 1014-132 June 17, 2013[54]
Finn and Jake build a time machine; Princess Bubblegum helps Cinnamon Bun conquer his fear of the dark. [55]
129 25 Titlecard S5E25 candystreets "Candy Streets" 2.087[56] 1014-133 June 24, 2013[54]
LSP is robbed but doesn't get a look at her assailant.[57]
130 26 Titlecard S5E26 wizardsonlyfools "Wizards Only, Fools" 2.499[58] 1014-134 July 1, 2013[59]
Starchy asks Princess Bubblegum to use magic to cure him, but she does not believe in magic.[60]
131 27 Titlecard S5E27 jakesuit "Jake Suit" 2.457[61] 1014-135 July 15, 2013[62]
Jake is sick and tired of Finn using his body as a suit of armor, so he convinces Finn to trade places to show him how much it really stinks.[62]
132 28 Titlecard S5E28 Bemore "Be More" 2.670[63] 1014-136 July 22, 2013[54]
Finn and Jake disguise themselves as MOs in order to infiltrate the MO factory in hopes of saving BMO from malfunctioning.[62]
133 29 Titlecard S5E29 skywitch "Sky Witch" 2.075[64] 1014-138 July 29, 2013[54]
Marceline is on a top-secret mission tracking Maja the Sky Witch. But when she loses the witch's trail, Marceline turns to Princess Bubblegum for help.[62]
134 30 Titlecard S5E30 frost&fire "Frost & Fire" 3.009[65] 1014-137 August 5, 2013[54]
Flame Princess and Ice King battle, prompting Finn to have an exciting dream.
135 31 Titlecard S5E31 tooold "Too Old" 2.384[66] 1014-140 August 12, 2013,[67]
Finn is already moving on after his breakup with Flame Princess and visits Castle Lemongrab with Princess Bubblegum.
136 32 Titlecard S5E32 earth&water "Earth & Water" 1.864[68] 1014-141 September 2, 2013[69]
Princess Bubblegum subjects Flame Princess to a series of tests to gauge Flame Princess' fiery tendencies. But when there's an emergency at the treehouse, and Princess Bubblegum leaves Cinnamon Bun to watch Flame Princess, her experiment might literally backfire in her face.[70]
137 33 Titlecard S5E33 timesandwich "Time Sandwich" 1.984[71] 1014-139 September 9, 2013,[72]
Jake crafts the most delicious sandwich ever, but when Magic Man steals it, Finn must defy laws of space and time to win back Jake's creation.[73]
138 34 Titlecard S5E34 thevault "The Vault" 2.256[74] 1014-142 September 16, 2013[75]
When Finn starts sleepwalking and dreaming about the Green Lady he filed away in his memory vault, Jake and BMO help him tap into his repressed memories to uncover a secret past.[73]
139 35 Titlecard S5E35 lovegames "Love Games" 2.022[76] TBA September 23, 2013[77]
Slime Princess needs a husband or else she'll lose the Slime Kingdom to her obnoxious sister. Finn steps in to save the day, but first they will need to win a series of Love Games to prove to Slime Princess's dad that they are really in love.[73]
140 36 Titlecard S5E36 dungeontrain "Dungeon Train" 2.043[78] 1014-144 September 30, 2013[79]
Finn and Jake discover a train where every car is a dungeon filled with a new foe for Finn to fight. Jake quickly gets bored and wants to leave, but Finn is having the best time and doesn't want to leave... ever![73]
141 37 Titlecard S5E37 boxprince "Box Prince" 1.991[80] 1014-145 October 7, 2013[81]
Finn meets the Box Prince (a cat with a box on its back) and discovers the Box Kingdom has been taken over by an imposter. Now, Finn must help the real Box Prince reclaim his rightful throne.[82]
142 38 Titlecard S5E38 redstarved "Red Starved" 1.772[83] TBA October 14, 2013[82]
Finn, Jake and Marceline are trapped in an underground cavern with no red in sight. If Marceline doesn't feed, like ASAP, she will turn into a vampiric beast and suck out all of Jake's blood! So, Finn heads off to explore the cave and find something red to satiate her until they can be rescued. But time is running out![82]
143 39 Tumblr mv1nh1e7kr1r68zouo1 1280 "We Fixed a Truck" 2.018[84] TBA October 21, 2013[82]
Finn finds an old truck, and Jake calls Banana Man to help with the repairs. But when BMO stays up all night working on the truck, he hears on a spooky radio talk show that Princess Bubblegum is a reptilian replicate. Is it just another one of Starchy's crazy conspiracy theories, or a fact? [82]
144 40 Titlecard S5E40 playdate "Play Date" 1.916[85] 1014-149 November 4, 2013
Sick and tired of babysitting Ice King while the Ice Kingdom is being rebuilt, Finn and Jake call up an old friend to hang out with their annoying houseguest: Abracadaniel. But when Ice King and his new BFF accidentally unleash the demon Kee-Oth, Finn and Jake have to clean up their mess.[86]
145 41 Tumblr mvz1amVjnR1t0t09yo1 1280 "The Pit" 2.273[87] 1014-150 November 18, 2013
Kee-Oth the Blood Demon has kidnapped Jake, taken him back to his dimension and thrown him in a pit. If Finn wants to rescue his friend, he's going to need Lady Rainicorn's help... and a videotape that will reveal how to open the portal to Kee-Oth's messed-up dimension.[86]
146 42 Titlecard S5E42 james "James" 2.614[88] 1014-151 November 25, 2013
Finn and Jake are excited when Princess Bubblegum invites them to help her collect samples in the Desert of Wonders. But when their vessel is attacked by nasty goo monsters, F&J start to think the mission has been sabotaged by Princess Bubblegum's robot helper James.[86]
147 43 Titlecard S5E43 rootbeerguy "Root Beer Guy" 1.842[89] 1014-153 December 2, 2013
When Root Beer Guy claims Finn and Jake kidnapped Princess Bubblegum, no one believes him.[54]
148 44 Tumblr mz2j6dlSeL1t0t09yo1 1280 "Apple Wedding" 1.857[90] 1014-148 January 13, 2014
The wedding of Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig becomes troubled by multiple problems, including exes, wedding crashers and a snoopy authoritarian.
149 45 Tumblr mzfhm8u0u21t0t09yo1 1280 "Blade of Grass" 2.610[91] 1014-154 January 20, 2014
When Finn tries to replace his broken sword with a grass sword, he learns the new one is cursed.
150 46 Titlecard S5E46 rattleballs "Rattleballs" 2.213[92] 1014-156 January 27, 2014
Finn wants to be trained in sword fighting by an old gumball robot named Rattleballs, who lives in the junkyard.
151 47 Tumblr n0iqsm8nUV1t0t09yo1 500 "The Red Throne" 2.107[93] 1014-158 February 10, 2014
Flame King escapes prison and seizes control of the Flame Kingdom; Flame Princess turns to Finn for help.[94]
152 48 Tumblr n1idn7RPIC1t0t09yo1 500 "Betty" 1.713[95] 1014-155 February 24, 2014
Ice King is turned back into Simon, and seeks help from Finn, Jake and Marceline in bringing back Betty.[96]
153 49 Tumblr n1n0z6BIQS1t0t09yo1 1280 "Bad Timing" 1.446[97] 1014-160 March 3, 2014
Love is in the air when Lumpy Space Princess reconnects with an old classmate, but will her jealousy get in the way of finding true love?
154 50 Titlecard S5E50 lemonhopepartone "Lemonhope Part 1" 1.967[98] 1014-152 March 10, 2014
Tired of all of Princess Bubblegum's talk about "responsibility," Lemonhope yearns for true freedom. So he sets off on the greatest adventure of his lemony life.
155 51 Titlecard S5E51 lemonhopeparttwo "Lemonhope Part 2" 1.967[99] 1014-157 March 10, 2014
Though Lemonhope finds refuge from the desert with monster hunter Phlannel Boxingday, he might not be able to escape the ghosts of his past.
156 52 Titlecard S5E52 billysbucketlist "Billy's Bucket List" 2.335[100] 1014-159 March 17, 2014[101]
Finn finds the hero Billy's bucket list and decides to complete the unfinished items as a final tribute.

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