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Season two contains 26 episodes and originally aired from October 2010 to mid-2011. Their titles and production codes were revealed on the Frederator Blog.[1]



No. in season Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
27 1 Titlecard S2E1 itcamefromthenightosphere "It Came from the Nightosphere" 2.001[2] 1002-029 October 11, 2010
Marceline's evil father goes on a soul-sucking rampage after Finn and Marceline accidentally release him from the Nightosphere.
28 2 Titlecard S2E2 theeyes "The Eyes" 2.264[3] 1002-031 October 18, 2010
Finn and Jake try to rid themselves of a weird horse that creeps them out.
29 3 Titlecard S2E3 loyaltytotheking "Loyalty to the King" 2.541[4] 1002-027 October 25, 2010
Finn and Jake pledge to serve the new "Nice King" who has come to Land of Ooo, but they soon realize that he looks suspiciously like someone else they know.
30 4 Titlecard S2E4 bloodundertheskin "Blood Under the Skin" 1.952[5] 1002-028 November 1, 2010
When some knights mock his lack of armor, Finn must endure a series of embarrassing trials on his quest to get the Magical Armor of Zelderon.
31 5 Titlecard S2E5 storytelling "Storytelling" 2.148 1002-030 November 8, 2010
When Jake is sick in bed, Finn goes on an adventure so he can have a story to tell him.
32 6 Titlecard S2E6 slowlove "Slow Love" 2.090[6] 1002-032 November 15, 2010
When a giant snail named Snorlock threatens to destroy their tree house, Finn and Jake must help to find him a mate.
33 7 Titlecard S2E7 poweranimal "Power Animal" 2.228[7] 1002-033 November 22, 2010
Jake has to rescue Finn from a group of evil gnomes who have kidnapped him to harness his endless awesomeness.
34 8 Titlecard S2E8 crystalshavepower "Crystals Have Power" 2.002 1002-036 November 29, 2010
Jake takes a vow of non-violence, which is inconvenient when they're attacked by marauders from the crystal dimension, under the orders of someone they thought had died.
35 9 Titlecard S2E9 theothertarts "The Other Tarts" 1.974[8] 1002-038 January 3, 2011
Due to the Old Tart Toter having gone mad and old, Princess Bubblegum asked Finn and Jake to volunteer to tote the Royal tarts through the Royal Tart Path for Ooo's Annual Back-rubbing Ceremony but instead, Finn tried to create his own brilliant plan that would take them to a very wrong turn.
36 10 Titlecard S2E10 tocutawomanshair "To Cut a Woman's Hair" 1.886[9] 1002-035 January 10, 2011
Finn must obtain a lock of a princess's hair to save Jake from being sucked into a balding tree witch's butt.
37 11 Titlecard S2E11 thechamberoffrozenblades "The Chamber of Frozen Blades" TBA 1002-037 January 17, 2011
When the Ice King goes away to treat a sick Gunter, Finn and Jake perform a ninja stakeout of his lair to try and find proof he's captured another princess.
38 12 Titlecard S2E12 herparents "Her Parents" 2.177[10] 1002-034 January 24, 2011
Jake pretends to be a rainicorn in order to impress Lady Rainicorn's parents.
39 13 Titlecard S2E13 thepods "The Pods" 1.944[11] 1002-039 January 31, 2011
Finn and Jake meet a dying frog-turned gnome knight who is bestowed upon three seeds; two of them are good, one is bad, and he vowed that they will never be planted. Finn accepted the bean quest but he planned to plant the beans so that after the pods grow he could destroy evil.
40 14 Titlecard S2E14 thesilentking "The Silent King" 1.532[12] 1002-040 February 7, 2011
Finn and Jake get to live like royalty, but soon find the easy life doesn't suit them. Or at least not Finn.
41 15 Titlecard S2E15 therealyou "The Real You" 1.825[13] 1002-041 February 14, 2011
Finn has to give a speech at Princess Bubblegum's science barbecue and seeks a quick fix to make himself smarter.
42 16 Guardians of Sunshine "Guardians of Sunshine" 1.729[14] 1002-042 February 21, 2011
When Finn and Jake complain about one of BMO's games being too easy, they sneak inside the game and see how tough it truly is.
43 17 Titlecard S2E17 deathinbloom "Death in Bloom" 1.981[15] 1002-044 February 28, 2011
Finn and Jake are terrible plant sitters and have to go on a quest to replace Princess Bubblegum's rare flower.
44 18 Susan Strong "Susan Strong" 2.378[16] 1002-045 March 7, 2011
Finn is excited to discover a tribe of "humans" living underground near the Candy Kingdom, but gets more than he expected when he tries to teach one of them about the surface world.
45 19 Titlecard S2E19 Mystery Train "Mystery Train" 1.958[17] 1002-043 March 14, 2011
Finn & Jake get involved in a high-speed murder mystery on Finn's 13th birthday.
46 20 Titlecard S2E20 gowithme "Go With Me" 1.270 1002-046 March 28, 2011
Finn needs a date to the movies and must balance the contrasting advice of Jake and Marceline in wooing Princess Bubblegum so he can see the movie with her.
47 21 Titlecard S2E21 bellyofthebeast "Belly of the Beast" 1.640[18] 1002-047 April 4, 2011
In order to cure the stomach ache of a giant, Finn and Jake must break up a party of bears happening in his belly.
48 22 Titlecard S2E22 thelimit "The Limit" 1.693[19] 1002-048 April 11, 2011
Finn and Jake must risk it all to see their dreams come true at the center of a magic wish-granting maze with the Hot Dog Knights.
49 23 Titlecard S2E23 videomakers "Video Makers" 1.733[20] 1002-051 April 18, 2011
Finn and Jake can't decide on the genre of their home video. Later, the two fight to see what kind of movie genre they shall release.
50 24 Heat Signature "Heat Signature" 1.975[21] 1002-050 May 9, 2011
Marceline pulls a prank on Finn and Jake, pretending to turn them into vampires.
51 25 Titlecard S2E24 mortalfolly "Mortal Folly" 1.920[22] 1002-049 May 2, 2011
Finn and Jake hunt down the evil Lich while the Ice King pesters them for approval to marry Princess Bubblegum. Part one of a two-part season finale.
52 26 Titlecard S2E25 mortalrecoil "Mortal Recoil" 1.920 1002-052 May 2, 2011
Princess Bubblegum recovers from being dropped in the Well of Power by the Ice King; however, she is altered and her condition leads to an unlikely final showdown with one of the greatest evils in order to save all life in Ooo.