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No. in season Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
1 1 Titlecard S1E1 slumberpartypanic "Slumber Party Panic" 2.50 692-009 April 5, 2010
Finn and Princess Bubblegum must protect the Candy Kingdom from a horde of candy zombies they accidentally created.
2 2 Titlecard S1E2 troubleinlumpyspace "Trouble in Lumpy Space" 2.50 692-015 April 5, 2010
Finn must travel to Lumpy Space to find a cure that will save Jake, who was accidentally bitten by Lumpy Space Princess at Princess Bubblegum's annual 'Mallow Tea Ceremony'.
3 3 Titlecard S1E3 prisonersoflove "Prisoners of Love" 1.85 692-005 April 12, 2010
Having discovered that the Ice King kidnaps a number of princesses he sees as potential brides, Finn and Jake team with the prisoners to set everybody free.
4 4 Tree Trunks "Tree Trunks" 1.85 692-016 April 12, 2010
Finn and Jake join Tree Trunks in search for the rare Crystal Gem Apple, but question whether Tree Trunks has what it takes to adventure.
5 5 The Enchiridion! "The Enchiridion!" 2.10 692-001 April 19, 2010
Finn and Jake go on a quest for a magical book that would prove them worthy of being righteous heroes.
6 6 Titlecard S1E6 thejiggler "The Jiggler" 2.10 692-011 April 19, 2010
A jiggly creature attracted by Finn's auto-tuned singing follows Finn and Jake home but soon feels ill effects of separation from its family.
7 7 Titlecard S1E7 ricardiotheheartguy "Ricardio the Heart Guy" 1.91 692-007 April 26, 2010

After saving Princess Bubblegum from the Ice King yet again she offers them a party, but during the party Finn grows jealous of a suspicious heart-shaped man that is wooing with Princesss Bubblegum and sets out to prove that he's evil.

8 8 Titlecard S1E8 businesstime "Business Time" 1.91 692-014 April 26, 2010
Finn and Jake fall victim to their own laziness when they delegate their adventuring responsibilities to a group of businessmen thawed from an iceberg.
9 9 Titlecard S1E9 mytwofavoritepeople "My Two Favorite People" 1.65 692-004 May 3, 2010
Jake feels neglected when his plan to spend time with both Lady Rainicorn and Finn backfires.
10 10 Titlecard S1E10 memoriesofboomboommountain "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain" 1.65 692-010 May 3, 2010
Finn reflects on an upsetting experience in his past and pledges to help everyone in need, but this proves more difficult than imagined.
11 11 Wizard "Wizard" 1.82[1] 692-020 May 10, 2010
Finn and Jake are coaxed by a skeleton man to enroll in a course for free magic powers, but are ultimately tricked into helping stop an asteroid.
12 12 Titlecard S1E12 evicted "Evicted!" 1.88 692-003 May 17, 2010
Finn and Jake search the land of Ooo for a new home after Marceline claims the duo's treehouse as her own.
13 13 City of Thieves "City of Thieves" 1.83 692-012 May 24, 2010
Finn and Jake enter the City of Thieves to confront a thief king who has been stealing from little girls.
14 14 The Witch's Garden "The Witch's Garden" 1.81 692-022 June 7, 2010
Jake loses his enthusiasm for adventure when a witch strips him of his powers for trespassing in her garden.
15 15 Titlecard S1E15 whatislife "What is Life?" 1.64 692-017 June 14, 2010
Finn builds a pie-throwing robot to seek revenge against Jake, but the machine's conscience is conflicted by the will of the Ice King.
16 16 Titlecard S1E16 oceanoffear "Ocean of Fear" 2.00 692-025 June 21, 2010
Jake tries to help Finn overcome his fear of the ocean.
17 17 When Wedding Bells Thaw Title Card "When Wedding Bells Thaw" 1.92 692-013 June 28, 2010
The Ice King suppresses his kidnapping urges to wed a suspicious bride and convinces Finn and Jake to throw him a manlorette party, but then realizes he'll have to give up his hobby of kidnapping.
18 18 Dungeon "Dungeon" 2.48 692-023 July 12, 2010
Finn's headstrong decision to explore a dungeon to find the Crystal Eye in defiance of Jake and Princess Bubblegum's warnings puts him in great danger.
19 19 Titlecard S1E19 theduke "The Duke" 1.84 692-019 July 19, 2010
Finn turns Princess Bubblegum green and bald, and faces a moral quandary—whether to confess his mistake and be hated by his friend forever, or let Princess Bubblegum wrongly accuse the Duke of Nuts instead.
20 20 Freak City "Freak City" 2.03 692-008 July 26, 2010
After being transformed into a foot by a Magic Man, Finn joins forces with a band of misfits to fix the problem.
21 21 Donny "Donny" TBA 692-018 August 9, 2010
Finn and Jake help a bullying grass ogre named Donny turn his life around, without realizing the ecological damage they may be causing in the process.
22 22 Titlecard S1E22 henchman "Henchman" 2.17 692-021 August 23, 2010
Finn takes the place of Marceline's henchman, but finds it hard to obey her seemingly evil commands.
23 23 Titlecard S1E23 rainydaydaydream "Rainy Day Daydream" 2.17 692-002 September 6, 2010
Stuck inside the treehouse due to a knife storm, Finn and Jake use their imagination to pass the time, but then Finn finds out that whatever Jake imagines becomes real.
24 24 Titlecard S1E24 whathaveyoudone "What Have You Done?" 1.54 692-006 September 13, 2010
Without giving good details, Princess Bubblegum tells Finn and Jake to capture the Ice King as their prisoner, but they struggle to defend their actions when they try to interrogate him.
25 25 Titlecard S1E25 hishero "His Hero" 1.83[2] 692-026 September 20, 2010
The great warrior Billy inspires Finn and Jake to practice non-violence, but the duo finds it difficult to resist their old ways.
26 26 Gut Grinder "Gut Grinder" 1.77[3] 692-024 September 27, 2010
When the Soft People's gold has been devoured by a culprit only known as "The Gut Grinder," Finn and Jake team up to track him down.