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Characters in Adventure Time often use made-up slang terms. These terms may be actual words given new definitions, modified from existing words, or entirely new words.

List of Slang in Adventure Time[]

Word Definition Example Part of speech Ex. of who said it in what episode
Absa-nothing Abbrieviated way to say "absolutely nothing." "Absa-nothing's going on there." adjective Finn ("The Chamber of Frozen Blades")
Algebraic See "mathematical" "Whoa! Algebraic!" adjective Finn (Animated short)
Alphanumeric See "mathematical" "Alphanumeric!" adjective

Finn (Animated short)

Apples Diamonds "All ne'er-do-wells call diamonds Apples." noun

Wormo ("Apple Thief")

Apple grease Perjorative term or insult "Come on, apple grease!" noun Magic Man ("Freak City")
Bad Biscuits No good; trouble "Looks like the Ice King's up to bad biscuits, brotha." noun Finn ("I Remember You")
Ba-nay-nay Bananas, as in crazy "It's Ba-nay-nay down here." adjective Jake ("Memory of a Memory")
Banununununus Bananas, as in crazy "BMO! Jake's acting banununununus!" adjective Finn ("Card Wars")
Beeswax Business "You have way cray beeswax." noun Guardian of the Mountain ("The Mountain")
Bing bong ping pong An exclamation of shock "Hey, I'm back — [Gasps] What the bing bong ping pong?" noun Finn ("Hot Diggity Doom")
Binklemeyer (An artifact the Ice King comments on in Finn and Jake's Treasure horde) "That's just a Binklemeyer." noun Ice King ("Play Date")
Bizonkers Crazy or insane "That's Bizonkers!" adjective Finn ("Power Animal")
Bjork A reference to the Icelandic singer of the same name (used in the show as profanity / an exclamation of shock) "Dude, what the bjork?" noun Finn ("Jake Suit")
Blee-blob Profanity "You son of a blee-blob!" noun Squirrel ("The Duke")
Bleeble noun I Am a Sword
Bloobalooby Good or fun "Because being 13 again is bloobalooby!" adjective Princess Bubblegum ("Too Young")
Blooby adjective
Blood Profanity "What the blood, Abracadaniel?!" noun Grass Wizard, ("Wizards Only, Fools")
Blubbins Profanity "What the blubbins, man?!" noun Finn ("Freak City")
Boingloings Crotch "...Someone got hit in the boingloings... hit in the boingloings. Boingloings. Boingloings. Someone got hit in them." noun Ice King ("Hitman")
Bookoo Spookoo (beaucoup spookoo) Strange, spooky, weird, scary "I hear bookoo spookoo things about that place." adjective Jake ("The Mountain")
Boom-Boom Poop "You just kissed a boom-boom baby. So don't expect anymore sugar from me sweetheart until we wash your dirty, dirty face." noun Joshua ("Memories of Boom Boom Mountain")
Bunk Lame "That's bunk! Right, Pree-bos?" adjective Finn ("Too Young")
Buns Butt "Slaps, that cat was kicking my buns, and it might've finished my buns it if weren't for Jake's stank." noun Finn ("Dungeon")
Butt guy Jerk "Tree Trunks, I'm a huge butt guy for getting mad at you." noun Finn ("Tree Trunks")
Butterslaps What Ne'er do wells call Rock Knockers "Like calling money "bread" or rock-knockers "butter-slaps." noun Wormo ("Apple Thief")
Cats People "Breaking cats out, left and right!" noun Finn ("Escape From the Citadel")
Chafed Perturbed "I am incapable of emotion, but you are making me chafed!" adjective BMO ("Donny")
Croak To die/death "Careful man, I want to be alive for my croak!" verb/noun Jake ("The New Frontier")
Croak dream Dream that prophesizes one's death "I had a croak dream, Finn! My croak dream!" noun Jake ("The New Frontier")
Croosh Abbreviation of "crucial." adjective
Cup-cups Cupcakes "These are cupcakes." "Cup-cups!" noun Finn ("Lemonhope Part 1")
Dank Multipurpose noun: "ICE KING, YA DANK" verb: "I'm all danked up, yo." noun, verb Finn (multiple occurences)
Dealies Vague usage, "things" noun
Deli tray Butt "Just keep her away from my deli tray, man!" noun Jake ("Take Her Back")
Dillweed Insult "You're a dillweed, you're a dillweed's secretary, and you're probably some dillweed I've never met!" "You're gonna dillweed this place into the ground!" noun, verb Princess Bubblegum ("Hot Diggity Doom")
Ding dong Silly person, idiot "Because the candy people are made of sugar, you ding dong!" noun Princess Bubblegum ("Slumber Party Panic")
Ding wad Just the worst "He's the only one who can lift the curse, but beware... He's a huge ding wad... Just the worst!" noun Choose Goose ("Blade of Grass")
Dirtballs Rubbish, crap "Finn, this is dirtballs." adjective Princess Bubblegum ("Too Young")
Dooky diaper Vulgar expression Finn
Doggy Bag Crotch "You mashed up my doggy bag pretty hard." noun Jake ("Jake Suit")
Dome piece Skull or head "You almost skronked up my dome piece." noun Prince Gumball ("Bad Little Boy")
Dosh Treasure "You see Lemonhope, it's not peeps, it's dosh." noun Phlannel Boxingday ("Lemonhope Part 2")
Ducks To be bad or lame "Aw, Finn, this music ducks, right?" verb Jake ("Trouble in Lumpy Space")
Dumb-hole Idiot "...And I think I know just the dumb-hole where we can get some [electricity] from." noun Finn ("What is Life?")
Fat-Basket Stomach/gut "I've got a weird feeling in my fat-basket" noun Finn ("You Forgot Your Floaties")
Figs Either "dang", or shorthand for "figures". "Wanna ditch this jazz?" "I'd love to, but I'm really invested in this crossword puzzle." "Figs." interjection Marceline ("Princess Day")
Fire Kingdom Hell "The Fire Kingdom has officially frozen over." noun Nurse Pound Cake as "BP" ("The Diary")
Fist cookie A punch "Don't come back unless you feel like a fist cookie!" noun Princess Bubblegum
Flavor Conflict, battle "I thought we were gonna get into some serious flavor with these sand people, but they're just standing around like garnish!" Finn ("Red Starved")
Flip Replaces profanity "You gotta be flipping kidding me!" noun, adjective
Fudge Replaces profanity "Fudge man, this place is yogaballs huge!" interjection Finn ("The Limit")
Funky junk Crazy stuff "That's some funky junk brother." noun Jake ("Morituri Te Salutamus")
Glob/Gob/Grob/Grod God; reffering to Grob Gob Glob Grod "Glob, if you're up there..." "Oh my Glob!" interjection Lumpy Space Princess ("Trouble in Lumpy Space")
Globbit Screw it "Glob, globbit, globbit, globbit, glob, globbit..." interjection Finn ("Another Way")
Gob slops Exclamation of surprise and dread "Oh gob slops, not Orgalorg!" interjection Martin ("The Comet")
Grabbers Hands "I'm going to go wash this schmutz off my grabbers. When I get back, you better start talking sense!" noun BMO ("BMO Noire")
Grease (Multi-use) Slick, or good "Pretty grease. I made out with Crab Princess, so that's grease." adjective Finn ("Breezy")
Grip-a-grap Vague expression, like "stuff" or "all of this" "What is this grip-a-grap?" noun Finn ("What Was Missing")
Grizz as nuts Crazy or wild (positive implication) "Whoa! That sounds grizz as nuts!" noun Finn ("The More You Moe")
Grok Understand "Why can't you grok that!?" verb Jake ("In Your Footsteps") (Note: To "grok" something comes from the novel Stranger in a Strange Land)
Half a gif Quickly, ASAP "He'll probably be here in half a gif." Jake ("Walnuts and Rain")
Hambone break Break to perform a type of dance that consists of slapping the body (or bodies) rhythmically. "Walking, walking, walking, hambone break!" noun Finn ("Freak City")
Hammacow Possibly good, perfect or alright "Hammacow! Thanks." interjection Finn
Hams Butt "I just want to help y'all as much as I can, but you just won't stop showing me your goblin hams." noun Finn ("The Silent King")
Holy shram Profane expression "Holy shram! WOOOO!" interjection Finn ("Billy's Bucket List")
Jacked Up Messed up (as adjective) "Tree Trunks, I got jacked up because of you! Look at my jacked-up face!" adjective Finn ("Tree Trunks")
Jam Profanity "What the jam?!" noun Princess Bubblegum
Jambes Legs Related to the French word "(la) jambe", meaning "leg" noun
Jazz Vague usage, a situation or thing "Hey, you wanna ditch this jazz?" noun Marceline ("Princess Day")
Jeffery'd up Messed up "He's all Jeffrey'd up in the dome piece." adjective Princess Bubblegum
JJ Flip, what the zip? What the heck? "JJ Flip! What the zip?!" interjection Finn ("Her Parents")
Joe/Josephine The common man "The regular Joe or Josephine!" noun Finn and Ice King ("Blenanas")
King kong sing song Exclamation of shock "Gunther?!? What the king kong sing song?!?" interjection Finn ("Hot Diggity Doom")
Lump Multi-purpose, often expletive; used by Lumpy Space People "I said LUMP OFF, MOM!" "I totally saw Hot Dog Princess get sucked up in here, and I was all, 'What the lump?'" noun, adjective Lumpy Space Princess ("Trouble in Lumpy Space", "Business Time")
Level headed Calm "Why are you being so level-headed about ths...?" adjective Finn ("Freak City")
Math (Multi-use) Cool. Alternatively, used as profanity. (Used as profanity) "Math this." adjective, interjection Finn
Mathematical Awesome, amazing, rad "Mathematical!" interjection, adjective Finn (Pilot)
Melon heart Heart / gut / brain "Listen to your melon heart." noun Jake ("The Tower")
Mitts Hands or fists "If I were in the game, I'd beat Sleepy Sam, breezily! With my mitts." noun Finn ("Guardians of Sunshine")
Modded out Something that has been modified "That is my ship, but it looks like it's been modded out." adjective Princess Bubblegum ("Hot Diggity Doom"
Momo Insult "Yeah yeah, I'm here... Momo" noun Peppermint Butler ("Nemesis")
Natchy Natural "Magic's probably more natchy for your body in the long run." adjective Jake ("Wizards Only, Fools")
Nooch Nutrients "It's got that good nooch that keeps us young in the crystal." noun Martin ("Escape From the Citadel")
On the trolley Sane, trustworthy, reliable "See, Jake? We can trust Susan. She's on the trolley." adjective Finn ("Beautopia")
Patoot An insult. "What a patoot! Thanks for saving the day yet again, boys." noun Princess Bubblegum ("Ricardio the Heart Guy")
Peeps People "You see Lemonhope, it's not peeps, it's dosh." noun Phlannel Boxingday ("Lemon Hope Part 2")
Pip-Plop-Plop Dad "But why would he do this to his Pip-Plop-Plop?" noun Jake ("Ocarina")
Pip-Pop Dad "What would your mother say? Doing this to your poor Pip-Pop?" noun Jake ("Ocarina")
Pleb See "Glob" "Oh my Pleb!" noun
Plop dumps and wagglezags Super lame or lousy things, drudgery "While being 18 is all plop dumps and wagglezags." adjective Princess Bubblegum ("Too Young")
Poo brain No brain; stupid "That horse is whack with poo brain." noun adjective Finn ("The Eyes")
Powdered doughnut Butt "Jump on my powdered doughnut." noun Jake
Radical Another casual term for "cool", "awesome" "Radical." interjection Finn (multiple occurances)
Real outloud flim flammer Jerk "Kim Kil Wan is a real-outloud flim flammer." noun Jake ("Ocarina")
Real-time jingle blaster Jerk "I'm gonna be frank here, your son is a real-time jingle blaster." noun Finn ("Ocarina")
Rhombus An alternate to Mathematical "Rhombus!" adjective Finn (Pilot)
Rips Sucks "They set you free, and now they're being punished for it. It rips." interjection Princess Bubblegum ("Lemonhope Part 1")
Salchow A forceful kick "Absorb a triple salchow to your kneecaps!" verb Finn ("The Comet")
Sanched up Messed up, destroyed "James! It's all sanched up!" adjective Finn ("James")
Schmutz Filth, dirt "I'm going to go wash this schmutz off my grabbers. When I get back, you better start talking sense!" noun BMO ("BMO Noire")
Scope To look at, to inspect "I made you something." / "Really, can I scope it?" verb Princess Bubblegum ("The Real You")
Scratch Money "Soon, we'll have enough scratch to fund my big comeback." noun King of Ooo ("Gold Stars")
Shmowzow Wow, cool "Shmowzow!" interjection Finn ("The Enchiridion!")
Shushers Shush "Shushers, man!" noun, verb Finn
Skronk up Mess up "You almost skronked up my dome piece!" verb Prince Gumball ("Bad Little Boy")
Slam-Bam-in-a-Can Awesome! "Slam-Bam-in-a-Can!" interjection Finn
Slammacow Awesome! "Slammacow! That was tops." interjection Finn ("Slumber Party Panic")
Slaps Yikes/Damn/Oh God "Slaps, that cat was kicking my buns!" interjection Finn ("Dungeon")
Snackityjuice Snacks "I'm gonna get some snackityjuice." noun Finn
So spice Spicy "Ahh, so spice!" interjection Finn ("Too Young")
Spamow Onomatopoeia for an explosion
Stems Legs "Aw, dude! I broke my stems!" noun Finn ("No One Can Hear You")
"Stink-ups mega bam-bam to the J-stop" To be boring or lame "This stink-ups mega bam-bam to the J-stop" idiom Finn ("Heat Signature")
Stuff Replaces profanity "Holy stuff! It talked! Wow-cow-chow!" noun Finn
Stumps Used in place of the word "Butt" "Oh no, my stumps!" noun


Acronym for "that means lay off." "Pfft. TMLO, Princess!" idiom Jake ("The Tower")
Toot Replacement for b-word "And I felt happy for that son of a Toot!" noun Finn ("When Wedding Bells Thaw")
Tops Awesome "Slammacow! That was tops. I was all, 'four!'" adjective Finn ("Slumber Party Panic")
Tops Blooby Super cool "This bear is tops blooby!" adjective Finn ("In Your Footsteps")
Tranch Serious insult; may be derived from "tramp" "Tranch!" noun Betty ("Betty")
Way Cray Severe "You have way cray beeswax." adjective Guardian of the Mountain ("The Mountain")
Womp To punch "Did you see me? I was all like, 'womp womp womp.'" verb Jake ("Ocean of Fear")
Word I agree/awesome! "Word! Now lets go wreck up that Magic Man!" interjection Finn ("Freak City")
Word 'em up Similar usage "So true" or "facts" "Word 'em up!" interjection Princess Bubblegum ("The Vault")
Wowcowchow Wow "Holy stuff! It talked! Wow-cow-chow!" interjection Finn ("Business Time")
Yogaballs Multipurpose "Fudge man, this place is yogaballs huge!" "This whole thing seems rickety as yogaballs." adjective, noun Finn ("The Limit")


This list was adapted from Reddit user @Twas_Inevitable's spreadsheet, which was edited by the community. This list is incomplete.