Lester appears in the episode "Death in Bloom," in which he is the first skeleton Finn and Jake meet in the Land of the Dead. He and the other skeletons are amazed by Finn and Jake's flesh, leading Jake to believe that they think Finn and Jake are cool. When Lester informs them that they just want to eat his flesh, he and the other skeletons start attacking Finn and Jake. Finn punches his head off, but Lester quickly reattaches it and goes back to biting him. Finn and Jake escape when Jake grows big and runs away with Finn, and they hide in a nearby hole in the ground.


Lester is a skeleton who wears a torn olive shirt and faded purple shorts.


Hey! Hey, what's up, fellas?

Oh, man, flesh! I haven't seen this stuff in forever! So warm and gushy and softy! Look at all that flesh jigglin'!

Whoa! You don't know what you're doin' to me, guy!

No. We're gonna rip that flesh off you and eat it.


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