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Lemon-Sweets is one of the younger Lemon Children, the offspring of the Earl of Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2. He makes his first appearance in Another Five Short Graybles.


The Earls of Lemograb made Lemon-Sweets when they came across the formula for making candy life. Lemon-Sweets is one of their many babies. Because of his tiny size, he lives in a small cardboard house on top of a table.


Lemon-Sweets is referred to as "Little Lemon-Sweets" by Lemongrab 2, because the little child is only a few inches tall. He looks almost exactly like their fathers, with the exception of his tininess, chubiness, and round nose. He wears what appears to be a tiny sailor-type outfit with a white sweater. He is shown smiling as the earls gently play with his little arms.

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