Lemonsweets is a doll owned by the Earl of Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2. It makes its first appearance in "Another Five More Short Graybles."


Lemon-Sweets is referred to as "Little Lemon-Sweets" by Lemongrab 2 because it is only a few inches tall. It looks almost exactly like its owners, with the exception of its size, chubbiness, and round nose. It wears what appears to be a tiny sailor-type outfit with a tan puffed-shirt. It is shown smiling as the earls gently play with its little arms, making it do different things, such as dance and go to bed. It is in a cardboard box sitting on a small chair also having a small blue bed on the right, and a small record player to its left. It is actually a doll with a china head, whose head is shattered during an argument between its "fathers," prompting Lemongrab to eat Lemongrab 2.


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