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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Lemonhope Part 1" from season 5, which aired on March 10, 2014.

This transcript is complete.


[Snoring is heard coming from a nest atop a rock jutting out of an expanse of water. A winged Lemonhope stands up in the nest, stretches, and yawns. He flies toward the sun, then dives down to the water and dips his hand in. He flies past three standalone gray doors and lands in front of a red one. He tries turning the knob, but suddenly hears knocking coming from the other side. He looks around the other side, but no one is there. The knocking continues and doorbells ring. Lemonhope wakes up to the sound of Princess Bubblegum ringing a hand bell, signifying the resumption of class. Finn runs in, while Lemonhope, resting against a tree, groans and pulls at his face before reluctantly entering the school. Inside, a film starts playing titled "Hello! And Keep Away From Castle Lemongrab."]
Earl of Lemongrab: Hello! And keep away from Castle Lemongrab!
[Lemonhope doodles on his paper while the movie plays. Lemongrab addresses the audience.]
Lemongrab: How are you today? Mm, I see. Yes. I'm inside my fortified totalitarian city-state. Hello, I'm Lemongrab.
Lemongrab 2: [from inside Lemongrab] Me too!
[Lemongrab pinches his side.]
Lemongrab 2: Ow!
Lemongrab: Mm. Unacceptable.
[The film switches to a view of a Lemon Person in chains.]
Lemongrab: Things have never been better here at Castle Lemongrab.
[A Lemon Person is in stocks and one draws in the sand with the back of a hoe.]
Lemongrab: I have never been fatter.
[A chain gang drudges by.]
Lemongrab: And since the expulsion of Lemonhope...
[A Lemon Person dressed like Lemonhope stands on a ledge.]
Lemongrab: We have reached peak societal obediency.
[The Lemon Person is pushed off with a stick.]
Lemongrab: Law, order...
[A Lemon Person smashes a harp with a mallet.]
Lemongrab: Harp-smashing.
["We've have it all" appears onscreen.]
Lemongrab: We've have it all!
[Lemonhope continues doodling while his harp rests on the floor beside him.]
Lemongrab: Mm, the pleasure. Smash another! Ooh, who is this?
[He points to a frowning Lemon Person who tries crawling away. He picks him up.]
Lemongrab: [speaking for the Lemon Person] I'm one of my subjects! I'm being punished for helping Lemonhope. But that's okay! [turns him upside down and smiles similarly]
[Lemonhope draws a beard on his self-portrait and smiles.]
Lemongrab: Yes, morale has never been higher since we got rid of hope. In conclusion, no one needs to come here ever, especially Lemonhope, and I ate my brother. Goodbye!
[Lemongrab starts retching and bulging as Lemongrab 2 calls out from within his mouth.]
Lemongrab 2: Save us, Lemonhope! You're our only lemon-ho—!
["Stay Out!" is displayed onscreen. Princess Bubblegum turns off the projector and snaps her fingers.]
Princess Bubblegum: Lights on. [The lights turn on.] Oh, Lemonhope, were you even paying attention?
Lemonhope: Mmmmmm, yes. [draws shades on his self portrait]
Princess Bubblegum: I know this is a lot to take in, but one day, saving those lemons is going to be your responsibility. They're in trouble, and you need to work harder at this.
Lemonhope: Eh... [groans] I don't know. I'm not too worried about other people, I guess. Like, I got me, and they got them. Mm.
Princess Bubblegum: O-kay... Let's try something else. [opens a drawer and takes out two cupcakes] These are cupcakes.
Finn: Cup-cups!
Princess Bubblegum: Lemonhope, [gives him both cupcakes] you have two cupcakes. Finn has no cupcakes. Lemonhope, will you give Finn one of your cupcakes?
Lemonhope: Um...
Finn: [whispers] Yes.
Lemonhope: Oh... but I don't want to! I want both cupcakes. Finn can get his own cupcakes! [licks thumb and jabs it into both cupcakes]
Princess Bubblegum: [sighs] Maybe we need something more hands-on. Hey, Finn, listen, that's it for class today.
Finn: Whoop! [runs out] Whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop...
Princess Bubblegum: [shouting after him] But read the next three chapters of your geometry text! Well, at least he's street-smart. [pats Lemonhope's hair] Okay, dude, we're going on a field-trip.
[The two walk toward Castle Lemongrab and come to a halt.]
Princess Bubblegum: This is the Lemon Earldom perimeter. Unfortunately, there are pacts and treaties preventing me from getting any closer. We should cloak. [hits a button on her and Lemonhope's wristbands, turning them invisible] I know you don't like thinking about Castle Lemongrab, but it's where your family is. They set you free, and now they're being punished for it. It rips. Look!
[A rope drops from over the wall, and a Lemon Person hurriedly climbs down it. He makes a run for it, but a searchlight spots him.]
Lemon Person: Remember, Lemonhope!
[A lemon bird swoops down and picks him up. It drops him inside the mouth of the Lemongrab-shaped dome.]
Lemongrab: I'm going to eat you!
[Munching sounds are heard as the Lemon Person's screams are suddenly silenced.]
Lemongrab: I did it!
Princess Bubblegum: D'ya see? They helped you. You have to help them now. It's your responsibility.
Lemonhope: No! I don't have to do anything that I don't want to. They set me free, and free means I decide what I do, not them and not you!
Princess Bubblegum: Dude, I'm sorry, but that attitude is unacceptable—oh! I mean... [sees that Lemonhope left] Lemonhope?
[His footprints lead into the forest. Princess Bubblegum uncloaks her face, showing concern. The sun is now low in the sky. A raccoon dressed in Lemonhope's clothes chews at its wristband, cloaking and uncloaking itself. Lemonhope emerges, strumming his harp and carrying his flute.]
Lemonhope: ♪Lemonhope's got feet that take him to fun. [toots flute] Lemonhope's got meat that's warm in the sun. [plays flute] Lemonhope's got no future plans, fully undeterred. No shirts, [pokes owl with flute] no pants, [pokes owl] no "won't"s, [spills owl's water] no "can't"s.
[The owl flies away.]
Lemonhope: ♪My body's free like a li'l baby bird. Caw! Lemonhope's got legs that'll strut hot struts. Lemonhope's got thighs that'll pump both butts. He's... got a harp, s'got a flute, free to strum, [kicks bird's nest] free to toot! Free from PB-gum, I'm a lemon of [drums belly] freedom!♪ [climbs down rocks toward a burning village] Oh. It's warm.
[A bell rings. Lemonhope turns to see a pirate ship sailing past the dock.]
Pirate: Pick it up, you chumps! We've got to make Deaveston by brunch.
Lemonhope: Oh, man, that thing looks just lousy with freedom... straight-up right out the diddle-doo, comin' at ya right straight up. Ha-ha!
[He toots his flute, runs after the ship, and climbs a rope up into the hold. Some rats skitter away.]
Lemonhope: Yeah, exactly. [sees a crate of limes] A-ha-ha-ha! [picks one up] Wha-a-at? Okay... [laughs] It takes all kinds, I guess! [sucks on the lime, lies down, and plays his harp]
[As Lemonhope plays his harp, several rats come out from hiding, lured by the sound. They form a blanket around Lemonhope. He yawns and falls asleep. He wakes up to the sound of pirates yelling and a creature roaring.]
Pirate: Argh! A Greed Lard!
[The ship lurches, tossing some crates off their shelves and onto Lemonhope's head, knocking him out. He wakes up covered in bruises.]
Lemonhope: [groans] Oh, my fontanelle. Hello? I—I accidentally came on to your boat, [emerges holding his broken harp] but—but I think I really need some help.
[The ship is abandoned and half buried under the desert sand. The scene fades into Lemonhope's dream, in which he is a horse humming merrily to himself and walking past pink spots on the ground.]
Lemongrab 2: Hey. Hey, guy. Back here.
[Lemonhope continues dragging Lemongrab 2 along behind him.]
Lemongrab 2: Hey, c'mon, I've fallen off back there. Guy? Hey, buddy.
Princess Bubblegum: Psst. Down here.
[Lemonhope lifts his hoof, showing he has stepped in gum. It grows a face.]
Princess Bubblegum: Psst. Lemonhope, it's me. You are... You are unacceptable!
Lemongrab 2: Buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy...
[Lemonhope screams soundlessly as the room fills with gum. Back in the real world, a lone cloud in the sky floats outside a breach in the hull. Two taxidermied rats dressed like Finn and Princess Bubblegum stand on a crate, against which rests Lemonhope's wooden replacement harp. A mobile of dried lime slices rustles in the light breeze. An emaciated Lemonhope moans lightly in his sleep, while his eyes move frantically behind closed eyelids. He suddenly screams and sits up.]
Lemonhope: [laughs] A lot of nightmares again. I guess that's freedom for you. Oh.
[A trio of scorpions advance toward him. He grabs his flute and toots it at them. They click their pincers menacingly before retreating.]
Lemonhope: [yawns] Mm. [smacks lips] Thirsty. [gets up and walks to a counter] Nothing like juice for breakfast. [squeezes a dry slice of lime] Oh. I guess that's the rest of those. [throws it on a pile of dry slices] Well, I guess if there's no juice, I got freedom to go find water. [laughs weakly then frowns]
[He picks up his harp and flute and goes to the deck. Above the jamb is a banner reading "LEMONHO9E." He looks up.]
Lemonhope: Huh. Weird cloud's still there. [shakes fist] Couldn't rain a little, could ya? Huh, cloud? Eh, what are you gonna do? Freedom not to rain, I guess. [He leaves the ship and wanders through the desert. After walking awhile, he is now lying face-down in the sand and scooting himself along.]
Lemonhope: [singing weakly] Lemonhope's got meat that's warm in the sun. My lemon of... [hoarsely] freedom!
[His hair suddenly ignites, and he lies face-down in the sand, motionless.]

Episode ends