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"Lemonhope Part 1" is the fiftieth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and fifty-fourth episode overall.


Tired of Princess Bubblegum lecturing him about his responsibility to save the Lemon People, Lemonhope yearns for freedom, and sets off out into the world to be a free lemon.


The episode starts off with Lemonhope having a dream in which he has wings and is flying through a dark landscape, and there are several doors. He hears knocking on one but cannot seem to open it. He is soon woken up and comes inside to continue a sort of school run by Princess Bubblegum. There, he watches a video about Lemongrab saying that the Lemon kingdom is doing just fine, despite obvious issues in the video, the most obvious being him enslaving the kingdom's residents. He then strongly advises Princess Bubblegum not to go there again. Princess Bubblegum then unsuccessfully tries to convince Lemonhope to go back to the kingdom and save the lemon people from Lemongrab's cruelty by presenting him with two cupcakes, and convincing him to see why he should give one to Finn.

Princess Bubblegum decides to visit the perimeter of Castle Lemongrab, which is heavily defended, with Lemonhope. As Princess Bubblegum and Lemonhope cloak themselves to prevent being spotted by Lemongrab, she tries to explain that Lemonhope should help and free his people. A lemon person tries to escape the castle walls, but fails as he is spotted and grabbed by a flying guard and taken to Lemongrab and eaten. Lemonhope decides to run away into the forest because he wants to be free.

Lemonhope, after traveling through the forest for a while, visits a flaming village. He sees a great sand ship leaving the dock and attempts to catch up to it by following it and climbing up a loose rope. He finds a lime on the ship, which he begins to suck on, and uses his harp, which appears to have luring powers, to make rats form a blanket on him. While he's sleeping, the ship crashes and he is knocked out by falling items. While he is knocked out, the crew of the ship presumably evacuate. He then has a dream about Lemongrab 2 having fallen off a horse that is Lemonhope, who is ignoring him. Lemonhope steps on a drop of gum, which is Princess Bubblegum in his dream. She talks to him, as he attempts to get her off his hoof. At the end of the dream, she screams "Unacceptable!" in a manner similar to the same phrase by Lemongrab. He wakes up, perhaps weeks later, to find the ship in ruins, aground in a hot desert.

By this time, he becomes very thirsty, claiming he has run out of juice. He leaves the ship, making remarks on the freedom of the things around him, such as that the cloud above him has the freedom not to rain on him, and he is not annoyed at that. After wandering for many hours, he eventually catches on fire and falls unconscious, while hoarsely whispering "Freedom."


Main characters

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  • The pirate ship is the first operational sea ship to appear in the series.
  • In Princess Bubblegum's drawer, one of her cupcakes included a miniature version of Mr. Cupcake.
  • Castle Lemongrab is governed with a totalitarian dictatorship. 
  • Princess Bubblegum mentions that Finn is learning geometry.
  • This is the first time anyone else besides Lemongrab screams "UNACCEPTABLE!"
  • In the classroom on a poster with a dog is written "読み," which means "reading" in Japanese.
  • The Jolly Roger on the pirate ship is a nonstandard one that somewhat resembles The Lich.
  • The Snail appears in the long preview.
  • Jake is absent in this episode.
  • This story bears a resemblance to the bible story Jonah.

Episode connections

  • Lemonhope was last seen in the episode "Too Old," as were the Lemongrabs, or any Lemon citizen, for that matter.
    • Also, Lemongrab 2 is still alive even though he was eaten by Lemongrab.
  • Princess Bubblegum wears the same outfit she wore in "Video Makers."
  • We can hear in the background that the Pirates are being attacked by a Greed Lard, a creature only fully introduced and explained in Part 2.

Cultural references

  • Lemonhope having wings and flying towards the sun in his dream could be a reference to the myth of Icarus.
  • A character recurrently dreaming of himself with wings is also seen in the film Brazil.
  • Lemongrab 1's uniform resembles the uniform worn by Idi Amin dictatorship Ugandan.
  • The tone at the end of the Lemongrab film is comprised of 853 and 960 Hz tones. This is better known as the Emergency Broadcast System Attention Signal, still used as part of the modern Emergency Alert System.
  • Upon boarding the pirate ship, Lemonhope discovers a box of limes. This is a reference to the naval use of limes in the 19th century, particularly by the Royal Navy, who used them in an attempt to ward off scurvy.

Production notes

  • This episode was previously titled "Lemonhope Story 1."


  • In the sneak peek, Finn is not wearing his grass sword. This was corrected in the final product.
  • Castle Lemongrab is a different location than it was in "Too Old," where the entrance faced forwards the Candy Kingdom as opposed to facing towards the Kingdom like it does here and there it is not located in the forest. However, the trees may have been cut down or killed as all of the grass around the castle seems dead.



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