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"Lemonhope's Got Feet" is a song Lemonhope sings while playing his flute and harp after running away from Princess Bubblegum.


Lemonhope's got feet that take him to fun.
Lemonhope's got meat that's warm in the sun.
Lemonhope's got no future plans, fully undeterred.
No shirts, no pants, no "won't"s, no "can't"s.
My body's free like a li'l baby bird. Caw!
Lemonhope's got legs that'll strut hot struts.
Lemonhope's got thighs that'll pump both butts.
He's... got a harp, s'got a flute, free to strum, free to toot!
Free from PB-gum, I'm a lemon of... freedom!