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This article is about the current Lemongrab. You may be looking for the original Lemongrab, the deceased clone, the castle, or the earldom.

Earl of Lemongrab (referred to as Lemongrab 3 in this article) is the third Earl of Lemongrab, created by Princess Bubblegum from the parts of the original Lemongrab, Lemongrab 2 and various Lemon People. He retains at least some of his earlier incarnations' memories, if not all of them.


In "Lemonhope Part 2," the original Earl swallows Lemongrab 2 and some Lemon Children, storing them in his stomach. However, they all explode after Lemongrab 2 urges Lemonhope to play his harp. Princess Bubblegum stitches the remaining pieces of the Earls (and Lemon children) into a whole, completely reconstructing them into a single Lemongrab. He is very misshapen with mismatched skin and body parts, all sewn together with dark pink thread. Bubblegum then states he will soon be back to "his lonely old self, which seems to be his only stable relationship model." It is actually quite unclear as to why she could only save one Lemongrab, and not reconstruct him properly. She left him alone in the castle after his reconstruction.


The new Earl was seen ruling the Earldom of Lemongrab in "The Mountain," when he was commencing a dinner with other Lemon People. The dinner was concluded after one bite, and the Earl went to his window to stare out at his earldom before yelling "Lights out!" Lemongrab 3 thereafter went to bed. While lying awake, he was staring at his bedroom ceiling puzzled. A piece of the ceiling falls out, creating a hole, and Lemongrab becomes irritated by this, grabs his things, and leaves for the Mountain of Matthew.

While in the mountain, the Earl goes on an introspective journey, seeing his greatest desire (to be accepted by his "mother" Princess Bubblegum), his worst fear (Lemonhope taking over his earldom, solving the ills that he, Lemongrab, once wrought), and his past selves (Lemongrab 1 and 2, arguing over Lemon-Sweets). Lemongrab chooses Lemon-Sweets, though he grows smaller and smaller while he jumps into Lemon-Sweets open mouth. Lemongrab slides down until he finds himself surrounded by darkness, but laying on top of a greasy yellow surface he finds unpleasant. The surface tips suddenly and Lemongrab falls, grabs the edge just in time, and is left dangling above the void. Lemongrab shakes his fist as he curses the circumstances. After he does, a disembodied voice tells him to taste the grease, then to look up. He looks up to see himself, staring back at himself. He then incredulously asks "I am grease?"

Lemongrab then comes to Matthew himself, and decides rather than merging with Matthew like so many before him, he pulls out lemon candies, which he calls 'Lemonjons', and throws them into Matthews mouth causing him to fall and explode into many small humanoid figures. With the help of Finn, Lemongrab fights the humanoids, escapes the mountain, and goes back to his castle where he, before going to bed, takes a lemon candy, chews it up and spits it into the ceiling hole.

Much later, an apparently heroic Lemongrab chooses to side with his mother in the Gum War against Gumbaldia. After the peace treaty between Princess Bubblegum and Lolly, he witnesses in fear GOLB coming to destroy the Land of Ooo.

He then takes part in the song every citizen of Ooo sings with BMO to defeat GOLB, albeit he and Lumpy Space Princess, unable to sing properly, supplying only the vocals. After GOLB's defeat, he deems Acceptable a kiss from Lumpy Space Princess, and they do so.

Some time later, Lemongrab finally gets the hole in the ceiling of his room fixed, and stares in awe at Jermaine painting over the repairs a colorful fresco with birds, bunnies, flowers and lemons, at peace with himself.

A millennium later, Castle Lemongrab, in episode " Lemonhope Part 2 " is shown as empty. It's still unknown if Lemongrab lived his natural life.


When he was first stitched together, Lemongrab 3 was covered with stitches, and parts of his body were slightly deformed and miscolored. However, by "The Mountain," his stitches seem to have healed, and he wears a new outfit similar to his predecessors being gray with a rhombus split from the center from the side the top being white and the bottom being black, possibly symbolizing how he is a combination of the previous Lemongrabs. He also sports black and white boots that resemble spectator shoes, and a new black belt with a lemon buckle. In "Come Along With Me" Lemongrab wears armor resembling his original clothing.


Princess Bubblegum[]

He has the same relationship status and troubles with Bubblegum just as the original Lemongrab. As shown in "The Mountain" he longs to be understood and accepted by her, which is shown to be his greatest desire. This is due to the fact that Bubblegum views him as a failed experiment and that he doesn't get along with the other Candy People.


He has the same relationship status he has with Finn just as the original Lemongrab. As shown in "The Mountain" he understands the troubles both he and Finn have been through and is grateful to Finn for rescuing him from Matthew.

Lumpy Space Princess[]

Lemongrab and Lumpy Space Princess seem to be in a romantic relationship as shown in "Normal Man." They even share a kiss in "Come Along With Me."

Lemon Children[]

Lemongrab rules the Lemon Children in peaceful harmony and under a tight schedule. As shown in "The Mountain" they work in the farm fields and eat dinner together. Even though they finish after just one bite. Lemongrab also fears about what the Lemon Children think of him since the abuse and mistreatment they endured by the original Lemongrab. Which is shown in "The Mountain" where he see's his greatest fear of Lemonhope taking over his kingdom and deeming him unacceptable to the Lemon Children.


He has the same relationship status he has with Lemonhope just as the original Lemongrab. He even has great fear of Lemonhope, believing he might come back and take over his kingdom as shown in "The Mountain."

Lemongrab 1 and Lemongrab 2[]

Since he is a combination of both Lemongrabs he shares the same aspects of their personalities and memories. Which is demonstrated by his clothing which is grey with a black and white diamond on it. He also desires to be better than them due to their falling out which was shown in "The Mountain."

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  • According to the storyboard for "Lemonhope Part 2", portions of Lemongrab 3 (referred to as "Lemongray" in the boards) are more of a white-yellow color because Lemongrab 2 (referred to as "Lemonwhite" in the boards) was deprived of sunlight while inside the belly of Lemongrab 1 (referred to as "Lemonblack" in the boards).
  • He along with Lumpy Space Princess, Tiffany, Ricardio, Magic Man, Donny, and Squirrel were pictured in the credits of "Water Park Prank" as one of those who can't return to Wet Pipes Water Park.
  • His sword seems to be different from the sound sword or an improved version of it.
  • Lemongrab and Lumpy Space Princess go on picnic date in "Normal Man". Based on her comments, they apparently met through an online dating site. Lemongrab was quickly freaked out at the prospect of food being served on a blanket and ended the date, though Lumpy Space Princess pointed out that he needed to deal with his fear of intimacy. Based on his reaction though, it seems as if she's not the best person to teach him this, as he's dealt with her before, and she's made him very uncomfortable.
  • The fact that Peppermint Butler is ruling the Candy Kingdom as the successor to Princess Bubblegum could imply that he is deceased, since he was supposed to be the inheritor to the throne. This is supported by the fact that his skeleton is seen in a hallucination in "Together Again".



—"Lemonhope Part 2"

Yo, yo! It's grease!

—"The Mountain"

If you are the head the blooms atop the ziggurat, then the stairs that lead to you must be infinite. Infinite stairs are unacceptable!

—"The Mountain"

I used to have lots of fear and sadness, but now I'm FINE!

—"Skyhooks", as Lemonpink

I find your proposal... [Groans] ...ACCEPTABLE!

—"Come Along With Me"


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