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Lemon Camel is the Earl of Lemongrab's camel,[1] which he uses for transportation. In "Too Young", it is seen entering and exiting the Candy Kingdom.


Its tail and head are shaped like lemons, while its nose and body slightly resembles the shape of one. It is yellow, like Lemongrab. Lemon Camel has a large, fat body and skinny legs. It has very tiny feet, narrow eyes with dark pupils, a green tongue, and a large nose, like Lemongrab. When Lemon Camel is startled, it is revealed to have quite a large mouth filled with many slightly pointed teeth.

In it’s candy elemental form, it’s pink, like Lemonpink.


Lemon Camel, although not mute, is decidedly quiet and passive. Like any camel, it is obedient towards its master. It calmly watches Lemongrab and the other candy people after entering the castle, placidly watching its master launch tirades against his subjects. But like everyone else's, Lemon Camel's eyes widen in surprise whenever Lemongrab shouts particularly loud or suddenly. In "You Made Me," it is shown that Lemon Camel hangs out at Lemongrab's left-hand side in Castle Lemongrab's throne room. Lemon Camel is quite passive, and uninvolved with the Lemongrab's emotional turmoil. When Lemongrab becomes angry about the Pup Gang disobeying him, Lemon Camel stares off into space, completely ignoring the screaming Lemongrab. Even as Lemongrab startles it by suddenly jumping on it and clasping its back, Lemon Camel obeys Lemongrab, and goes where he wants it to go.

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  • Its original sketches and designs were created by Tom Herpich.[2]
  • In the storyboards, Lemon Camel has tiny, beady eyes like many other characters in the show. In its final character designs, it has eyes like Lemongrab's.
  • Despite being called a horse on its official model sheet, its physique resembles a camel more. The lead character designer, Andy Ristaino, also agrees with this,[3][4] confirming that it is in fact a camel and was mistakenly identified on the character sheet.
  • Lemon Camel's origin is unknown.
  • Lemon Camel makes an appearance in the "Adventure Time Dude-It-Yourself Journal."[5] It's standing near a group of candy people, off to the side, with a slightly meek-looking Lemongrab.
  • Although Lemon Camel doesn't speak, it is not mute. When Lemongrab jumps on its back and startles it, Lemon Camel lets out a frightened noise similar to the "moo" of a cow.
  • In an Adventure Time promo commercial, a song about the inhabitants of Ooo mistakenly calls Lemongrab's camel a "sour horse."
  • In the storyboard for "You Made Me," Lemon Camel was to defecate lemons at the end of the episode.
  • The camel's first appearance in the Adventure Time comics is in Issue 7. Lemon Camel and Lemongrab appear hung-over at "Jake's Crazy Party Where You Can Do Anything, I Will Reset The Timeline, I Promise" party. Lemon Camel is smiling ever-so-slightly, indicating that it had a good time, unlike Lemongrab.


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