Legends of Ooo is one of the Adventure Time games on, and also an app for iOS devies. The object of the game is to save Hot Dog Princess, Slime Princess, and Princess Bubblegum, who have been frozen by the Ice King. Many other characters make small cameos such as Why-wolves, Choose Goose, Flambo, Hot Dog Knights, Tree Trunks, Lumpy Space Princess, Demonic Eye Creatures, Snail, Gunter, a hungry bear, and Ghost Man. The game was released for mobile devices with exclusive voice acting.


The player takes control of Finn and Jake to rescue the frozen princesses and solve puzzles to progress. The only input needed is the mouse. When you click, Finn and Jake will walk to that location. If you click on an object, Finn and Jake will walk there and either examine it or pick it up. If you click on a character, they will talk to him or her. If Finn and Jake pick up an object, it will be placed in their inventory. To use an item in the inventory, click on it and drag to the place it must be used. In the game are "Hint Snails," which look exactly like the waving Snail from the show. The player starts with 3, but more can be picked up throughout the game. When used, it will give a hint as to what to do next. At one point in the game, it is mandatory to use a hint. An update to the game now has mini-games to be played to solve the puzzles.



Prior to the events of the game, the Ice King had bought a book of Ice Magic from a discount bin at a yard sale, and used the spells in it to freeze the three princesses mentioned above. Because it is magical ice, it can't just be kicked apart.

Area 1 (Ice King's Castle)

Upon starting, Jake asks Finn how they can get the information from the Ice King needed to unfreeze the princesses. Finn says that they'll just beat him up until he tells them. When entering the castle, however, they see the way is blocked by icicles and Gunter. Disappointed, they head back out to find that Starchie is now a mailman, but he lost some letters (although they're right next to him). When Finn and Jake return the three letters to him, he will reward them by giving them his postman hat. He also mentions that those letters were from the Ice King, and tells them he has been writing to every princess in Ooo in the hopes that one of them will want to be his bride. Then, Finn gets an idea that they should disguise themselves as a princess in order to get into the Ice King's castle, and they both leave to go find the items necessary to build the disguise.

Area 2 (Grass Lands)

As Finn and Jake explore, they run into Choose Goose, who tells them he will offer them a princess crown, which is necessary for their disguise, in exchange for a scarf. As they look for one, they see a Why-Wolf, who is trying to lure sheep to him by wearing sheep's wool. Jake tells him that he should find a new career. He agrees, stating that he'd love to meet new people, and Finn gives him the postman hat, telling him he thinks he'd make a good delivery man. The Why-Wolf thanks Finn and gives him his sheep's wool. Finn and Jake continue along the path and meet up with Tree Trunks. They ask her if she has a scarf they could borrow. She doesn't have one, but she says she'd gladly make one for Finn if they get her some wool. Finn gives the wool to her, but Tree Trunks still needs knitting needles to able to make the scarf. Finn and Jake continue on and find the Hot Dog Knights, who inform them that they are also trying to break into the Ice King's castle to find a way to unfreeze Hot Dog Princess. When Finn and Jake say they're also doing that, the Hot Dog Knights are relieved, and go to the movies. They give Finn and Jake their jousting lances, because they say that no outside food or weapons are allowed in the theater. Thinking they could work as knitting needles, Finn and Jake return to Tree Trunks and give the lances to her, and she makes the scarf for Finn, stating it was made with love for him. When they give it to Choose Goose, he says it must've been made with love, to which Jake replies "A little too much love, if you ask me." Choose Goose gives them the crown, and Finn and Jake head off to the Tree Fort to get everything else.

Area 3 (Tree Fort)

When they arrive at their Tree Fort, Finn says they now need a head to put the crown on. He thinks a bucket might make a good head, and they search until they see one in a nearby well, but they can't reach it. Finn and Jake enter the Tree Fort and find an air freshener and a crank, and they return to the well, using the crank to pull the bucket up, which is full of water. Finn then says they need some hair, and they go back inside the Tree Fort. As they enter, they notice a dead plant, and they use the water from the bucket to revive it. Now that the plant is healthy, Finn decides to take its leaves, as they would make great princess hair. Finn and Jake must now make a face for their princess. As they explore, they notice bottles of ketchup and mustard, and think that could work. Jake uses his painting skills to make the face, and the princess head is complete. Next, Finn and Jake need a body for the princess, one that's big enough for both of them to fit into. They notice a nearby trash can, but it smells horrible, so Finn and Jake use the air freshener to make it smell better. The princess, now almost complete, is now only missing a dress, but Jake wonders where they can find one. Finn says they could probably borrow one from Marceline, and they head off to her house.

Area 4 (Marceline's House)

Finn and Jake enter the house, but no one seems to be home. Finn states that Marceline probably wouldn't mind if they borrowed some of her clothes, and they look around. When they enter the kitchen, they find a Drop Ball, along with one of Marceline's coats on a coat rack. When they try to put it on the princess however, it rips. Hearing the noise, Marceline enters, asking what's going on. Jake gets scared, and Finn tells her they were looking for a dress for their "Big Hollow Princess" to wear. Marceline tells them that it's not a good time, as she's doing spring cleaning (although it is her undead housekeeper who is actually doing it). However, she lost her summoning wand, and asks Finn and Jake to find her a new one. As they go outside, they see an ogre who is holding bones, and there is a toilet bowl wand nearby. Finn and Jake think any kind of wand could do, and so they give to Marceline, who summons her housekeeper. As he rises, he notices someone stole his arms. Finn and Jake remember the ogre, thinking the bones are his arms. When they go outside again, they notice the Ghost Man is there. They talk to the Ghost Man, who asks the two to find his Drop Ball in return for a favor. When they give it back, he scares away the ogre, and Finn and Jake return the arms to Marceline's housekeeper. Marceline thanks Finn and Jake, and tells them that she does not have anything that fits their princess, but gives them red curtains instead, thinking they could fit nicely. When Finn and Jake put them on their Big Hollow Princess, Marceline sucks the red out of them, apologizing that she got hungry, but Jake comments that their princess now looks like the perfect bride. The princess complete, Finn and Jake return to the Ice King's castle.

Area 5 (Ice King's Castle)

As Finn and Jake reenter the castle, Ice King notices them, and falls for their disguise. He locks them up while he makes the wedding arrangements, but Jake uses Key Hand to let them both escape. When they get out, they notice another cell nearby, with the Ice King's spell book inside. However, this cell has a music lock and cannot be opened with Jake's Key Hand. There is a piano close by, but Finn and Jake need to find the sheet music first. They look around the castle, and end up finding the sheet music in the Ice King's bedroom. They open the lock and grab the spell book, but it cannot be read. Finn suggests maybe someone can decipher it for them, and they look around again. When they enter the Ice King's training room, they see a demonic witching eye, but Finn thinks it may be able to decipher the book. It does so, allowing Finn and Jake to see the contents. Now that they know how to unfreeze the princesses, they head to the lake, where the Hot Dog Princess is frozen.

Area 6 (The Lake)

Finn and Jake notice the Hot Dog Princess, frozen in an iceberg. Reading the spell book, Finn says it can only be melted by hot dog water, but the Hot Dog Knights are still at the movies. Thinking quickly, Jake suggests that because he's a dog, if he sweats, he'll be making "hot dog water." The two then go look for something to make Jake sweat. Along the way, they pick up a bucket. Eventually, they come to a dock, where they meet up with Choose Goose again. Realizing that the scarf they gave him could make Jake sweat, they ask for it back, but Choose Goose declines. After Finn and Jake plead, Choose Goose finally says yes, and asks them for a message in a bottle that he's been expecting in exchange. After heading back, Finn and Jake notice Lumpy Space Princess, who tells them that she could earn some money because of all the empty cans on the beach. Finn and Jake collect the three empty cans for her and bring them back, and Lumpy Space Princess gives them the message in a bottle as a reward, revealing that she had it the whole time. They give it to Choose Goose, who gives Finn and Jake the scarf back. Jake puts it on, and Finn realizes they need something to hold his sweat. He uses the bucket that they had found to hold Jake's sweat, and unfreeze Hot Dog Princess, who thanks the two and wants to kiss Finn, but Jake saves him by saying they need to rescue the other princesses. Finn and Jake then head back to the Grass Lands to unfreeze Slime Princess.

Area 7 (Grass Lands)

Upon arriving, Finn and Jake notice the Slime Princess has been frozen into "slime cubes," and some of them are missing. Using an ice tray, they find two of the three cubes, and also find two rocks along the way. When they reach the third cube, it is in water, and Finn cannot reach it. Using the two rocks, plus a third one they find near the water, Finn builds a bridge made of rocks to the last cube and grabs it, and they take the cubes back to the princess. They're ready to unfreeze her now, but Jake informs Finn that all it says in the book is "keep away from goo," as in snail slime. Finn asks Jake where they can find a snail, and Jake breaks the fourth wall by telling the player to press the hint button. After using a hint, they get the slime and unfreeze Slime Princess, who thanks them and tells Finn "You can rescue me anytime." Finn and Jake then head to the forest to finally unfreeze Princess Bubblegum.

Final Area (Forest)

When Finn and Jake enter the forest, they see that Bubblegum has been turned into a giant popsicle. They can't reach her to be able to unfreeze her because of this, and Jake states that they wish they had Marceline's ax bass. This gives Finn an idea to have a jam session until Marceline joins them. Jake doesn't have his viola with him, but they look around and notice a horn. They play it, but it is not enough, and they end up waking a hibernating bear, who tells them to get him something to eat or he'll get grumpy. Finn and Jake continue going through the forest and see a bee hive, which they bring back to the bear so he can eat the honey. He leaves, revealing a hollow log behind him, which Finn and Jake use for percussion. In combination with the horn, they successfully call Marceline, and ask if they can use her Ax bass. She says she is busy, but generously allows Finn and Jake to borrow it instead. Using the Ax bass, they chop down Princess Bubblegum, and Jake says that the only way to unfreeze her is to lick her free. They instantly get brain freeze however, and venture into the forest again to find another way. They eventually meet up with Flambo, who tells them he could cast a fire enchantment spell on them to free Bubblegum faster, but requires something in return first. Finn and Jake spot a piece of coal nearby, and they give it to Flambo, who uses the spell on them. They use the spell to free Princess Bubblegum, who wonders why she's sticky, but then thanks Finn and Jake for rescuing her. Finn then mentions that he and Jake still have a wedding to attend.

Epilogue (Ice King's Castle)

Back at the castle, the Ice King has just married the Big Hollow Princess that Finn and Jake made. They arrive just in time to see Gunter popping out of it, and Finn says that switching places with Gunter at the last minute was a great idea, and the two end the game by Finn saying "What time is it?" to which Jake replies "ADVENTURE TIME!" The game then fades out to a picture of Finn, Jake, the three princesses, Ice King, and Gunter.



Note: You can only earn badges if you are logged in at Cartoon Network. You cannot save your badges if you are not logged in.

At legendsofooo mystery

150 Points

- If you feed the bear with a coal, you'll get the "Tummy Ache" badge.

At legendsofooo finishhollowprincess

150 Points

- If you get to the castle in the big hollow princess, you'll get the "Big Hollow Princess" badge.

At legendsofooo less3clues

200 Points

- The Cartoon Network website states that if you get to the wedding by using fewer than three hints, you'll get the "Legendary Victory" badge. However, possibly due to a programming error, this badge is actually awarded for completing the game with fewer than three hints remaining.

At legendsofooo 7hints

150 Points

- If you have a total of 7 hints at once, you'll get the "Snail Collector" badge.

At legendsofooo looktelescope

100 Points

- If you look through Finn's Telescope, you'll get the "Eyes On the Prize" badge.

At legendsofooo saveprincesses

200 points

- If you save all 3 Princesses, you'll get the "Save your Friends" badge.



  • Finn - Abilities: pick up objects and hints, talk
  • Jake - Abilities: same as Finn
  • Big Hollow Princess - Abilities: talk, pass Gunter (Note: This is just a disguise)



  • There are some typos in the game. For example, in the first area when you need to collect the three letters, Jake says something about the third, but the word "handwriting" is spelled with two t's. The game also tends to spell other various words incorrectly.
  • Marceline, Ice King, Choose Goose, and Gunter (if you go to the way left side of Area 5 you'll see him also) are the only characters that appear more than once in the game (excluding Snail, Finn and Jake).
  • The wool obtained from the wolf is labeled "sheep's clothing," a reference to the idiom "a wolf in sheep's clothing."
  • There is a hidden room in the Tree Fort that allows access to the roof, where there is a telescope pointed at Bubblegum's castle.
  • In Area 5, a glitch occurs where if you click on the icicles that blocked the way in before, Finn and Jake still say "We need to find another way in."
  • Jake breaks the fourth wall twice in this game; the first is in Area 5. If you click the bars on the left side of the cell containing the spell book, the way Jake talks shows that he may not want the player to finish the game quicker. The second is in Area 7, where Jake tells the player to "press the hint button."
  • In Area 7, it is mandatory to use a hint to free Slime Princess. If the player is not wielding any hints at that moment, the game will give the player a free hint, so they can continue the game.
  • Marceline once again calls Princess Bubblegum by her real name, Bonnibel.
  • In one part of the grasslands near the bush where Finn and Jake should not go, Finn looked at the clouds and said one shaped like gum then Jake said "You mean Princess Bubblegum, heh heh heh...." Finn disagrees but it does show that Finn really has a crush on Princess Bubblegum.
  • In the forest, when the player clicks on the mushrooms, Jake says "Do you think they help us grow bigger?" This is a reference to Super Mario Bros., which is in turn referencing Alice in Wonderland.
  • The title screen has Finn wearing a gauntlet, which resembles both Billy's gauntlet and the one he found in the episode "Vault of Bones."
  • The Library of Doom mission does not seem to follow the same canon as the show, as it still shows Finn and Flame Princess dating, though it is possible that Library of Doom takes place before "Frost & Fire", or the game's developers were not informed ahead of time by Frederator.
  • When you ask hint in the snail 1x it will give you a clue, When two times the snail will tell you the answer, When you ask again he will say what he say in the last click of the snail and your snail hint will be not decrease if you click the snail after he say the answer.


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