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Lee is the ex-boyfriend of Lady Rainicorn who appears in the episode "Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension" and a revolutionary obsessed with taking out those on top, no matter who he hurts. He resides in the Crystal Dimension where he recently grouped with dogs to steal the Crystal Mergence of Destruction from T.V. Lee also rides hovering motorcycles. throughout worlds and is good friends with Roy. He was apparently consumed by the Crystal Mergence of Destruction after forcing it out of T.V.


Lee has exactly the same rainbow color as Lady Rainicorn, but dimmer; however, he's shorter in length and has long, white hair in patches. He wears a shiny black coat over part of his torso and carries accessories such as modern dark blue sunglasses and a nose ring.


Lee is portrayed heavily in his debut episode as a jerk and has a strong hatred towards dogs. He likes to cause trouble in the Crystal Dimension, and seems to have a strong lust for power. He tricks and fools people to get things to go his way and also develops a hate towards Lady after she dumps him and steals the The Mergence of Destruction from him. He is extremely anti-authority, and allied himself with the Dogs of the Crystal Dimension against the Rainicorns after spending his earlier years as an anti-Dog terrorist for their "repression" of Rainicorns.


  • Like Lady Rainicorn, he speaks Korean. In the European Portuguese version, Lee speaks Portuguese normally.
  • Lady's parents disapprove of Lee and were happy when they broke up.


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