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2021 Music Hole Award Nomination
SilverMusic.png This article was nominated in the 2021 Music Hole Awards. It was nominated for the following category: Best Season 1+2 Song. However, it didn't win.

"Lay My Head Down Slow" is an auto-tuned song sung by Finn in the episode "Freak City." It was sung after a deep depression brought on by his realization of being stuck as a giant foot forever in a cave filled with other random body parts of people transformed by the Magic Man. As the song continues, Finn realizes he must continue being a hero, and kicks the other body parts outside of the cave in order to find a plan to find Magic Man.


Finn: Is this really my life?
Is this how my story ends?
Bein' in this body
Seems like a battle that I cannot win.
Maybe I should lay my head down slow
And sleep until it's all over.
Is this the end
of the hero boy named Finn?
Heck, no! Darn it, no!
This isn't how I go!
I'm gonna kill it! I'm gonna kick life's butt
I'm in it to win it.
I'm gonna take life's name
And spit on it and kick it!
Life can just go eat it
'Cause this is a man's game!
Finn: Get up, Gork!
Gork: Huh? Why?
Finn: I'm not gonna let you lie here
And waste away.
You better get up, Gork, or I'll kick you up.
Today's the day!
Gork: Whoa. Okay, man, just be cool.
Finn: And I'm not gonna be cool!
'Cause I'm pipin' hot!
Get up, Trudy! Get up, Kim!
I'm not gonna let you rot!
Jake: Hey, Finn.
Finn: Ja-a-a-ke, stop tellin' me to enjoy being a foot and get out of that trash!
Jake: Heh heh. I can't take you seriously when you're singing, man.
Finn: Get up! All of you make me sick!
I'll fix you with my kicks!
Gonna reconstruct y'all's self worth
Brick by emotional brick.


  • At the part where Finn first tells Gork to get up, Wee Wee and Gorflax bounce in the background.
  • Zap was the only mutant Finn did not kick.
  • This song is also known as "Is This Really My Life?" and "Lay My Head Down Slow".
  • One translation of the song's lyrics says "Heck no! Darn heck no!"