This article is about the character from "Incendium." You may be looking for the Original Lava Man.

A Lava Man first appears in "Incendium," walking through the Fire Kingdom. Notably, Finn and Jake mention another Lava Man that is sleeping in their front yard in "Prisoners of Love"; however, early storyboards for the episode reveal that it was a different Lava Man that looked very different. Jake also mentions a Lava Man in "Morituri Te Salutamus" while singing "On a Tropical Island."


Lava Man is made up of dark-violet volcanic rock with cracks exposing some magma underneath. He is very large—comparable in size to the Fire Palace. Part of his forehead is covered with the lava flowing from the top of his head. His eyes are holes with fire burning out of them. His mouth is a classical jack-o'-lantern mouth out of which lava oozes. His legs are short and stubby, whereas his arms are as long as the rest of his body and drag along the ground as he walks.


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